Warriors React to the Rise of the Travis Scott Burger


Dennis Racket

Cactus Jack Sent Him: Senior Matt Love is on his way to indulge in the new and elusive Travis Scott Burger. It is for him to decide if this iconic meme of 2020 will live up to its reputation.

McDonald’s has hit it big once again with their most recent collaboration. Earlier this month McDonald’s released the Travis Scott meal, a meal composed of famous rapper Travis Scott’s three McDonald’s favorites. The $6 meal includes a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with barbecue sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice. Also included in the collaboration is exclusive Cactus Jack (Scott’s nickname) and McDonald’s merch. Merchandise ranges from polo shirts to embroidered slippers with the meal and McDonald’s logo imprinted on most items. The Cactus Jack x McDonald’s merch heavily resembles pre-2000’s McDonald’s campaigns.

Not long after its release, the Cactus Jack styled quarter pounder became a social media sensation. It’s the subject of memes and trends on popular social apps Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Teens race to buy the meal in order to participate in a popular drive-thru trend where the driver tells the worker things ranging from “You know what I’m here for.” to “Cactus Jack sent me.” The driver then loudly plays the beginning of Sicko Mode by Travis Scott. Memes consist of fans bidding the meal for high prices. 

As one of social media’s current memes, teenagers — which make up a good percentage of Scott’s fanbase — are more expected to be consumers of the meal. The collaboration also leaves teens the perfect opportunity to participate in social media trends in favor of a widely liked rapper. Frequent social media user, Sophomore Reed Jorgensen hopes to be able to enjoy the burger before the hype dies down. “I’ve seen a classmate do the drive-thru video and I think it’d be fun to get the burger just so I could make a video like that with friends,” said Jorgensen.

Despite its positive social outcome, the burger has received negative criticism. This ranges from complaints about simplicity to lack of a toy/souvenir.  Junior Cameron Johnson is one of many students who jumped at the chance to try the burger after it’s blowup. “It’s good if you already like Quarter Pounders,” said Johnson. “One problem was it felt like a plain McDonald’s meal and could’ve had a Travis Scott symbol or more to it.” 

As September ends, time is short for those who’re interested in purchasing the Travis Scott meal. Expected to end October 4, the promotion leaves McDonald’s with another gold star for marketing. It also leaves Travis Scott with yet another hit, not only from the studio but now also from the kitchen. So remember the words of the famous Cactus Jack, “It’s Lit!”