Film Lovers Find Ways to Enjoy the Cinema in the Age of Coronavirus



The Show Must Go On: The Starlight Drive-in is a popular spot for blockbuster hits and old classics.

With the pandemic came the abrupt closure of movie theaters, a great devastation came for AMC, Regal, and the many other movie theaters around the country. In the absence of in-person movie screenings, drive-in theaters have become a popular option. Luckily enough though, movie theaters are now starting to slowly open up, so people can go back to their beloved reclining chairs, popcorn and slushies.

Drive-in theaters are back in business, and have become a rather hot commodity in the age of the coronavirus. They have been showing movies that have already been released, but new movies should hit the box office soon after months of delays. Drive-in theaters with their friends. It has been a way for students to enjoy movies while social distancing. Senior Katie Jacobus is one such drive-in movie goer. “I go with friends and we have tons of fun,” she said.

The selections at drive-in movies are a fun surprise for film fanatics. Whether it be old timey pictures or more modern works, viewers are able to experience all of the comforts of the cinema without being in the actual theater. Senior Fiona Jones has been to several different drive-in movie events.  “It’s super varied,” she said. “It depends on where you go. At the Springs Cinema and Taphouse they have shown lots of classic favorites like “Footloose” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” she said.

Movie theaters in Atlanta opened back up on August 20. There is much anticipation over big titles whose debut may have been pushed back. For example, “Black Widow” and “No Time To Die” are both slated for November releases. 

There is still some debate over whether or not to return to theaters. Jones is one student opting for the outdoor experience. “I think I’ll continue to go to the drive-in,” she said. “It’s easier to maintain social distancing, and it can be a really fun experience if you are with a friend.”

With the global pandemic in mind, drive-in theaters seem like they are still the most viable option. That may not stop avid movie goers from flocking back to their local movie theater. Regardless of the means by which students watch these movies, the show must go on!