Slam Poetry Club: The Scoop on North’s Poets


Sparrow Harrell

Passion for Poetry: Junior Sparrow Harrell is the leader of North Atlanta’s Slam Poetry Club this year.

Calling all those with a penchant for poetic writing: North Atlanta’s Slam Poetry Club is in session once again! Of the variety of clubs at North, Slam Poetry is indeed one that stands out to students, and with good reason. It provides those with poetic souls a place to release their passion for writing, whether it’s to come and listen to pieces be read or to create works of your own. It’s safe to say that slam poetry is one of the more home-like environments offered at NAHS, especially during this trying time. 

As with many school clubs during this pandemic, Slam Poetry meets online with zoom calls each Monday, and club activities for the day vary from reading aloud pieces of published literature and those of personal creation to completing writing prompts based on books and other forms of written texts. Although there is a work aspect involved, the friendly environment eliminates any of the pent-up stress one may have at the end of the school day and allows them to indulge in something relieving. 

 Junior Sparrow Harrell, this year’s club leader, emphasizes her love for poetry while keeping members engaged, usually beginning club meetings with a greeting and maintaining a lively atmosphere throughout. She also encourages event-goers to leave their microphones unmuted to start conversations, aiming for the feel of a friendly gathering rather than that of a video conference call. “Poetry is a highly intimate matter, and this club feels like a safe place to meet others to share these things with,” she said. “Even though it’s a bummer having my first year as leader is online, I know I can make it work.”

Members of the club, such as junior Milan Capoor, have also found a haven here. Capoor’s sentiments toward this club are those of admiration for all of the talented members, along with a belief that club meetings are a great way to celebrate language in general. “To me, the club is essentially the same as it was in person, just with the loss of an amazing senior cohort,” they said. “However, I hope we can put something together eventually.”

The Slam Poetry Club accentuates each day that the purpose of poetry is not about creating “good writing.” What the club leaders want more than anything is for members to have fun with what they write and to let their creative juices flow. Ideas for writing don’t have to come instantly, and there is no criteria to determine if one’s poetry is good or not. Have fun, release all those inner feelings and thoughts, and let your poetic spirit prosper.