Art Classes Present Significant Challenges Without Face-to-Face Instruction


Carmen Aycock

Creative Clutter: Junior Carmen Aycock’s desk is left a mess after being used as a makeshift ceramics table.

How amazing is it to walk into an empty music room and practice during the day? What about the excitement that bubbles in your stomach when you walk into art class and see the plethora of materials before you, wondering what will be created? And how does it feel to immerse yourself in the upbeat air of the theater classes? 

Unfortunately, these things have yet to be experienced by students at North Atlanta. Since the decision to have online classes, it’s easy for students to gauge which classes are easier and which are more difficult to engage in online. Of the numerous departments at North Atlanta, it’s safe to say that the Fine Arts has had it very rough during this period of online learning, with students and teachers alike expressing discontent with the current situation of their classes. 

Being in online music classes is not easy for a band or orchestra student like me and numerous others. This is exacerbated by the feeling that playing to a screen is just not enough to keep the musical spirit alive. Participating in the school band in quarantine is something students have had to navigate, yet some still can’t manage to convince themselves that they’re not in their home. As much as students want to do their best, they can’t seem to shake the constant desire to surrender to the comfort of their bed. 

Art students, such as those who take ceramics, are still required to work to their best of their ability with supplies that may get their workspaces dirty and create a mess. Modeling clay is a notorious reoffender for causing tidy desks and tables from previous classes to be transformed into a disastrous sight that resembles that of a child’s playful endeavors. Although these students often speak of their dislike for the use of clay, many acknowledge that virtual class is the best option for now during this pandemic-stricken period in our lives.

NAHS theater classes are also going through a similar episode as the other fine arts classes. Theater, much like band, orchestra, and ceramics, is a class where physical interaction is what cultivates the creative essence. But the online zooms and assignments are bringing about a common feeling of fatigue towards doing online theater classes. However, theater students continue to push through and take it a day at a time.

While online zooms provide a setting to casually relax in bed while doing classes or keep a clean, noise-free household, the fine arts classes make this online learning period all the more difficult to endure. With the numerous problems it presents, there are few benefits to doing fine arts via computer or phone at North.