The Write Stuff: Creative Writing Club Goes Virtual


Kira Spivey

Writing Up a Storm: Senior Kaylee Spivey, this year’s president of Creative Writing Club, is excited to continue the club’s legacy in a virtual environment.

Creative Writing Club is one of many North Atlanta High School clubs reconvening over Zoom. At this eclectic organization, students meet every Thursday at approximately 3:20 P.M. to share their writing and give feedback on each others’ work, be it poetry, short stories, plays, essays, or any other type of creative writing. In addition, members also have the opportunity to have their writing published in an electronic publication. 

Senior Kaylee Spivey is this year’s leader of Creative Writing Club. According to her, Creative Writing Club is an outlet for both her and others. “Creative Writing Club gives me the ability to transfer all of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions onto a sheet of paper,” said Spivey. “I also love listening to all of the amazing pieces that the other members write.”

When it comes to Creative Writing Club, veterans and newcomers alike have expressed their enjoyment of the club as a place where everyone feels welcome to share their writing. Any criticism must be constructive, and each and every person is encouraged to write without self-consciousness or embarrassment. After all, the only way to get better is to practice, and the Creative Writing Club gives everyone a chance to do so. “Creative Writing Club is amazing for anyone who loves to write,” said sophomore Emma Goldman. “It has improved my writing and my confidence in my writing so much.”

What with the club’s new virtual setting, many difficulties have surfaced. Most members from previous years have returned in full force, but recruiting new members has proved to be demanding, and communication is limited through a computer screen. “Doing the club over Zoom is definitely more disconnected than normal, since we are unable to have a relaxed, conversational-type environment,” said Spivey. “However, I feel like all of those who are really devoted to writing still participate.”

Even with the difficulties caused by the club’s new virtual setting, it seems that most everyone in Creative Writing Club shares the opinions of Goldman and Spivey. Multiple members of the organization have testified that Creative Writing Club has changed both them and their writing for the better, and continues to do so despite the circumstances. Sophomore Colleen Blascik, a newcomer to Creative Writing Club, heartily concurs with this perspective. “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to express my creativity, especially with something so simple as words,” said Blascik. “It truly brings me joy.”

Whether they’re inside the school building or out, the members of Creative Writing Club are determined to buckle down, grab a pen, and write on.