Netherworld Haunted House: Is It Worth Your Money?


Dennis Racket

Spooky Season: Shown above from left to right are sophomores Adanna Majekodunmi, Se’Lah Robinson (writer) and Akil Wharry. Netherworld is a great place to go for some Halloween thrills, but just be prepared to maybe spend more money than you had hoped.

Netherworld Haunted House is a seasonal walk-through haunted attraction found in Stone Mountain. Known for its detailed live actors and special effects, the haunted house has been a popular halloween-themed hangout among teenagers for years. When looking at people visiting Netherworld through Snapchat stories and Instagram posts, it seems like a place you have to go to or you’re simply missing out. Despite being easily frightened, I just had to drop by Netherworld. Paying to get scared with your friends seems fun, right?

If you know you aren’t easily frightened by sudden movements, loud sounds, and halloween monsters, spending money on Netherworld may be a regrettable decision. Netherworld’s 2020 season consists of two haunts, Halloween Nightmares and Cyber Shock. Both consist of well done visual/sound effects and manufacturing with live actors dressed in detailed costumes. Halloween Nightmares is every scary element combined, from clowns to zombies. Cyber Shock is robotic horror with cyborgs following you at every turn. Each haunt lasted about 10 minutes at a normal pace with occasional stops from jumpscares.

Netherworld deserves a high five for the technology incorporated into their haunted houses and the commitment of actors, but a less than 30 minute experience is simply not worth $40. The website makes it seem like each haunt lasts 30 minutes, so in the end you will spend at least an hour there. Sophomore Akil Wharry was not fazed by most of the jumpscares inside the haunts. “I didn’t get scared except for like 2 or 3 scares, the whole time I was just pulling you two [myself and Sophomore Adanna Majekodunmi] through the house,” says Wharry.

On a better note, Netherworld has a sanitation station on deck, distanced lines, temperature screening, and a strict “mask on at all times” rule. After both haunts is a large space that is surrounded by halloween themed stands to take photos in and actors to interact with. “Some of the actors were nice, some were chasing you and people nearby. They never even broke character,” says Sophomore Adanna Majekodunmi.

Going to Netherworld is like pulling a wild card. You don’t know if you will come out breathless or feeling like it just wasn’t worth it. For driving 30+ minutes from Atlanta to Stone Mountain, waiting in line, and the experience not lasting as long as you think, it’s mostly a letdown. Fortunately, I screamed so much I lost my voice and certainly had a good laugh with friends. If you plan on visiting Netherworld this spooky season, definitely bring a friend (or even crush). Final disclaimer: I wouldn’t recommend if you’re scared of clowns, cyborgs, and wasting $40 and gas.