Fall Break: Corona Edition


Dennis Racket

Soaking Up the Sun: While this year’s fall break is not necessarily the same as most year’s, many Dubs have still been able to find ways to travel. Pictured above from left to right are sophomores Ryan Hohenstein, Maggie Koontz, Caroline Edwards, Brent Shannon, and Summer Kirsch enjoying their time at the beach.

Given this year’s track record, it would seem that Fall Break was next on the list of cancellations 2020 would continue to deliver. However, many Dubs were determined to not let this break be ruined like Spring Break was last year.

On March 13th, students left school with the anticipation of returning one week before Spring Break. Therefore, many were saddened and disappointed when that was not the case. The disappointment continued as travel, both domestic and international, was halted, just a few weeks before many were to embark on their Spring Break trips. This made for an unplanned and not fun staycation of a break. However, much has changed since March. It has been established that many activities can still occur with the necessary precautions in place. With travel restrictions somewhat lifted, many students were able to experience this travel for Fall Break. 

Contrary to what many may have expected, many places had little to no regulations in place at all. “There were very minimal Covid-19 precautions on my trip,” said sophomore Lizzie Havey. “The only difference between this fall break and ‘normal’ fall breaks was limited restaurant seating which led to longer wait times for tables. Other than that, everything felt relatively normal.”

It is very common for many students to travel to Florida or other popular beach spots. Florida is notorious for loose Covid-19 regulations, despite being one of the leading states in relation to the number of new cases in the past week. “I wasn’t forced to wear a mask or social distance, so I personally chose not to.” said sophomore Ryan Hohenstein. “Never once did I feel at risk or worried about contracting the virus. I spent almost all my time with other NAHS students whom I’d already been with in Atlanta.”

However, Covid-19 did impact some fall break trips more than others. Sophomore Leeza Kurtz took a trip to Asheville to do some socially distanced hiking for the break. Her family practiced many precautions by staying in their cabin except when hiking, and wearing masks when going inside stores and restaurants. While this may appear to be a normal trip, Kurtz did express that it was different than a “normal” fall break for her family. “In the past, we probably would’ve gone with a bigger group or gone to the beach.” said Kurtz. “Still, even with a smaller group, we acted intentionally to stay safe.”

While the future of the school year is very uncertain, one thing is for sure, this Fall Break is one that will never be forgotten. Leave it up to the Dubs to keep tackling obstacles and adversity even in this new age of Covid-19.