Dubs on Display: Senior Avi Hunter Turning Heads


Annabeth Bradley

Captivating and Creating: Senior Avi Hunter enjoys art and creative expression, and seeks out passion in those around her.

Don’t think a student can do it all? Meet senior Avi Hunter. This unique Warrior is one of North Atlanta’s best and brightest, and a motivated and hardworking member of this graduating class. 

Part of Hunter’s school life is the variety of different clubs that she participates in. Black Student Union, Politics Club, Hope Squad, National Art Honors society, and Beta Club are the extracurricular activities that Hunter takes part in on a regular basis. Coupled with schoolwork and making time for family and friends, such an abundance of activities keep Hunter busy, but she maintains a positive attitude throughout it all. According to her, her greatest talent is her creativity, which helps her succeed in  balancing both her school and home life. 

In the same vein, Hunter emphasizes the importance of having hobbies and personal interests outside of school. Genuinely enjoying something and/or having a passion can influence one’s mental health and how they navigate life. For example, creating art and watching movies remain Hunter’s favorite activities to do in her free time. “I am inspired most by anyone who has a passion and doesn’t let others’ opinions affect them,” said Hunter. 

Hunter notes the dangers of not staying on top of schoolwork, and would recommend that younger students remain conscious of the same. Failing to begin assignments in advance can have a catastrophic effect on one’s future. “Don’t procrastinate.” said Hunter, “It messes up everything.” 

Hunter also advises students to cultivate goals for their future. Even for freshmen, college and career isn’t that far away. Thinking ahead and considering different ideas for the future helps prevent confusion, panic and burnout in later years. Hunter herself has put a lot of thought into her future and the impact that she wants to leave. “I would love to get my doctorate degree in psychology,” she said. 

According to Hunter’s classmates and peers, she sets an amazing example for the rest of North Atlanta’s student population. Students and staff alike admire the different characteristics and qualities that make up her personality. “Avi is one of the most talented and open-hearted people at this school,” said senior Hayden Perciful. “She never fails to amaze me through her creativity and skill, and is an inspiration to myself and her classmates.”