The Broadcasting Club Helps Dubs Get Their Sports Fix


Dennis Racket

The Sports Scoop: The NAHS Broadcasting Club gets insider access at football games to broadcast sports events for listeners at home.

Do you ever dream of being like Joe Buck or Troy Aikman and broadcasting the Sunday NFL games? Well, now you can with North Atlanta’s new broadcasting club.  This group of aspiring sportscasters broadcast the Dub’s sports games live for all to enjoy. 

Since students can’t go to any of the games during the pandemic, the broadcasting club provides a great alternative.  Students can watch and listen to the play-by-play and stats. It’s the next best thing to being front and center at a live sports event.  Tuning in has also become an easy way to support all of North Atlanta’s athletic department.

Members of the club are allowed to sign up for the games they want to broadcast, which ranges from football to basketball. Junior Walker Hardesty is hopeful for the future of the broadcasting club. “So far, because the club has just started, we are calling only football and basketball, but we plan to expand,” he said.

The club has grown in popularity, reaching upwards of 18 members. This club is the perfect match for those who are knowledgeable in all things sports.and it continues to grow. Junior Robert Weber knew that broadcasting the games would be a perfect solution to the lack of fans at games. “We thought announcing would be a good addition to the games, especially because fans are not allowed to go,” he said.

Thus far, broadcasting has been a blast. Members are getting valuable experience in a professional-grade setting, all the while participating in school spirit. “The best part of being in the broadcasting club has been putting together a successful product on Friday nights after working hard all week,” said Weber.

Make sure to tune in at to listen to the football game broadcast on game days. Looking forward, the club hopes to cover even more sports, making these athletic events more accessible for the North Atlanta community.