Students Get Their Creativity On With Quarantine Room Makeovers 


Kathryn Ackerman

Personal Space: Junior Kathryn Ackerman is one of many North students who has gone to further lengths to personalize her room, as the quarantine has made one’s room at home a zone of excessive dwelling of late. Ackerman’s room accents include colorful posters, decorations and even fake vines. (Or … are they real?)

Since the start of quarantine on the fateful March 13, students everywhere found an abundance of free time being thrown at them. Not going to a school building meant that, for a lot of students, they had time to spare that was spent in almost complete boredom. Trying to find small or large tasks to do throughout the day was an unprecedented challenge students had to face. However, many North Atlanta student have found their calling and have decided to combat boredom by getting in touch with their inner interior designers. Whether on large- or small-scale levels, numerous students can say that their rooms pre-quarantine and their rooms at present have undergone much needed changes.

Even the smallest addition to one’s room, such as a plant or a new carpet can make all the difference. But North students have gone above and beyond, choosing to alter their walls with posters, paintings, and other artistic products. Some even go for a nature vibe, with student Kathryn Ackerman lining her walls with faux vines as well as posters. “I really love my new room as opposed to the blank walls I had pre-quarantine,” said Ackerman. “The decor shows my interests and my room no longer has a dull look.”

While some change the appearance of their room, others opt to completely revamp the feel of their rooms by making drastic lighting changes. LED lights, a product popularized by TikTok, began making its way into the rooms of North students, and among these have been junior Ellie Aferiat. “I’ve had these lights since before quarantine, but they definitely made my time shut-in much better,” she says. “Real lights are so boring, colorful lights are really where it’s at.”

The ongoing quarantine period has pushed many students to overcome numerous challenges, and as the days pass by in a blur, and everything begins to feel the same. Making a change in your life, such as what these inventive quarantiners have done to their rooms, could go a long way in making your virtual learning experience and overall quarantine life something you just might enjoy. The change in environment certainly can only lead to a needed visual pick-me up, and — who knows? — your robust room makeover might become a permanent home improvement. Dwell on that, Dubs!