Fye, ‘Fit, Flex: Teen Lingo Glossary Unlocks the Gen-Z Code   


Nykia Carter

Lingua Franca: Freshman Jamiah Carter is one of many North Atlanta students who is prone to using the freshest teen lingo around. Never heard the terms “Merch It,” “Big Fax” or “Fit”? Read “Teen Lingo 2020” to get solidly in the know!

With all of their strange utterances, teens these days sometimes sound like they are speaking an entirely indecipherable language. To help someone catch up or just plain understand what these zany Gen Zers are saying, we offer a compiled glossary list of fresh phrases you just may hear coming from the younger set. 

Big Fax: I totally agree. Example: “Man, Zoom School sucks. I miss seeing my friends in class.” In response, one would say “Big Fax.”

Demon: Someone who is very skilled at something. Example: “I heard he’s a demon on the court.”

Salty: To be petty or show attitude. Example: “Grady is just salty that they lost the big game.”

Periodt: A means to express exclamation. Example: “You got a 100 percent on your test? Periodt!”

I’m Dead: Figure of speech meant to convey hilarity over something. Example: “That was so funny. I’m dead.”

The Tea: Drama or gossip. Example: “What’s the tea on Dennis Racket?”

T: A party. Example: “Dusty’s ‘rents are out of town. Major T at her place tonight.”

Dub: A win. Example: The Warriors caught that dub over Grady the other night.

Snatched: Looking good or on point. Example: “That outfit is snatched, girl!”

Karen: A cranky, spoiled woman who is short with children, service workers, and everyone in between. The male version would be a Kyle. Example: “That woman was just yelling at the waiter. What a Karen!”

Go Off: To hype up, encourage, or lecture someone. Example: “Go off Queen! You tell ‘em!”

Flex: To show off. Example: “Bob was flexing his new Jeep this morning in the parking deck.”

Crunk: To get turned up. Example: “We’re going to get crunk tonight at the T.”

Sus: Short for suspicious. Example: “We all just turned in the same homework. I hope we don’t look too sus.”

Ship: To endorse a relationship. Example: “I totally ship Sharon with Kyle.”

‘Fit: Short for outfit. Example: “That fit is poppin’.”

Low Key: On the down low. Example: “Don’t go telling people. I want to keep this low key.”

Cap: A lie. Example: “It’s supposed to snow today? That’s cap.”

Receipts: Evidence that proves or disproves gossip. Example: “She came with those receipts exposing her friend.”

No Kizzy: Meaning no joke or no “cap.” Example: “Online school is pretty easy.  no kizzy.”

Whoopty: A beat up car. Example: “You drive that old whoopty?”

Beef: Drama or tension between people. Example: “Those two don’t talk. They have beef.”

It’s _ for me: A TikTok trend in which friends trade insults. Or when you find are citing a physical fault in someone. Example: “It’s the crooked teeth for me.”

Fye: Used when something is nice; short for fire. Example: “Those kicks are fye!”

Yo: Means “What’s up?” Example: “Yo, how’s it going?”

Tight: To be mad or upset. Example: “You’re getting me mad tight right now.”

12: The police. Example: “This T is getting busted by the 12!”

Geeked: To be hyped. Example: “I’m geeked for the weekend.”

Cop: To buy. Example: “I copped the new Xbox.”

4pf: To have pockets full of money. Example: “I got paid the other day, now I’m 4pf.”

Link: To meet up. Example: “Want to link up this weekend?”

Buss: pretty great. Example: “This pizza is buss.”

Merch: To put it on something, similar to “on god.” Example: “Well if you said you could come to the party, then merch it.”

Pressed: To be angry. Example: “I’m so pressed with his behavior.”

Snowflake: Someone who is easily upset. Example: “It’s just one bad grade, don’t be such a snowflake about it.”

So, use these terms freely and you’ll sound way more hip and authentic – or perhaps way more ridiculous (maybe depending on your age). No kizzie.