Rockin’ the Pods: Socially Distanced Concerts Return to Atlanta


Hayden Perciful

Party in the Pods: North Atlanta seniors enjoy this new, socially-distanced display of live music. Shown above from left to right are seniors Graham Barnett, Easton Davis, Lily Jones, and Hayden Perciful. These Dubs are enjoying the first socially distanced concert in Atlanta!

Avid concert goers are finally having some new hope as there are now in person concerts again in Atlanta. The weekend of October 23 the “Big Night Out” concert series was held at downtown’s Centennial Olympic Park. For this event, concert organizers followed strict Covid-19 guidelines and made sure everyone was safe. 

For the “Big Night Out” concert series at Centennial Park, each concert-goer and his or her party had their own 10-by-10 feet protective pod. The pod meant those attending were surrounded by a low fenced area where they are socially distanced from everyone else at the concert while vibing to their favorite tunes. “For both the Futurebirds and Marcus King Band it was great,” said senior Hayden Perciful. “The pods were honestly not that bad. It gave you your own personal groove space for you and your friends.” 

A major question is if these pod concerts are the same as regular concerts. Most people don’t want the pods to be the norm for years to come, but they do accept them now. Will people still pay the same money for a different concert experience than they are used to? One concert goer for the “Big Night Out” had strongly held opinions on the matter. “It was only different in the fact that it was more spread out but otherwise like any other concert,” said senior Hayden Perficful. 

In the past couple months there have also been drive-in concerts. Basically like drive-in movies but with live music instead.  The events are also effective ways to keep people safe during the pandemic.  This type of concert does interest students as sophomore Dennis Young said, ”I would definitely go if it means I get to see the person perform live.”

Though the experience for either concerts isn’t the same as what people are used to pre-pandemic it’s still a way to receive live music in person. These events create a much safer alternative than the regular concert formula of people being squished together in a venue. Honestly, for students that have missed out on concerts because they have been canceled or pushed back this is a beam of hope for them to finally enjoy something they love, and do it safely.