Dub Fans Take the “L” In Wake of Cruel Ticket Shortage


Mady Mertens

Supportive Seniors: Shown above from left to right are seniors Julia Naphin, Katie Jacobus, Carter Law, Anders Roth, Ellie Evans, and Eve Smith. These seniors were able to secure the very scarce tickets and support the Dubs in their game against Westlake High School.

Friday Night Lights. It always affords fans the chance to watch the mighty Dubs play and it’s an unparalleled experience for students, parents, and all other NAHS football fanatics. Despite the pandemic and its various impacts, the Warrior spirit rages on, and anticipation builds as games approach each week. The recent game last Friday between North and Westlake High School induced particular excitement as for the first time, spectators were given the opportunity to attend the event in person — a notable difference from games played under Grady’s stadium lights which are currently lacking the typical supporters and rowdy student section due to COVID-19 precautions.     

Everything was in (seemingly) place, until outrage erupted when the link to purchase tickets went live and all tickets were completely sold out within an hour. The situation left passionate supporters of the Dubs disappointed, totally crestfallen that they might have missed their only opportunity to see their team in action this season.

Carl Green, Westlake’s head coach, tweeted the link to purchase tickets at 3 p.m. on Monday, four days before the game. Although within the hour, the limited amount of tickets sold out, and the realization prompted incredulous responses among the students of NAHS in Warrzone, the schoolwide GroupMe. Various complaints flooded in, including frustrated questions about why the link was not sent to NAHS students immediately.

Further indignation arose in the GroupMe when students discovered that people from both schools were buying the tickets in bulk and reselling them at an up-charged price. While some students saw this as clever and opportunistic, others deemed the steep price and principle of it all to be unreasonable. Still, many devoted fans forked over the extra cash to watch the beloved Dubs play. “I finally secured a ticket to a game, but I had to pay an outrageous amount for it,” said senior Julia Naphin.

The seniors, who have already been grappling to make the most of their (unconventional) final year of high school, were particularly troubled by the ticket shortage due to the fact that this game was potentially their last chance to cheer on the Warriors as part of the great North Atlanta student section. Many felt that there should have been some sort of prioritization system in place such as sending out the link to parents and seniors first. “Most of my friends are sad and disappointed because this is possibly the last football game of our high school career,” said senior Graham Barnett. “We’re all just worried we may have missed our only chance to attend a game.”

Although, there is one redeeming fact: if nothing changes, students and parents will be allowed to attend the NAHS vs. Lovejoy High School game on November 19. This go around, ever-faithful Warriors supporters hope to prevail in the intense ticket race and declare loudly from the stands, “Go Dubs!”