Midtown Celebrates Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Election Win


Dennis Racket

Midtown Celebrations: People filled the streets of Midtown to celebrate the recent election. If you were in the Midtown area, you might just of run into a good time!

After four days of the 2020 Presidential Election with no announced winner, patience ran low and anticipation ran high. On Saturday morning,  Joe Biden won Pennsylvania, giving him over 270 electoral votes, electing him as the 46th President of the United States. Midtown, normally active with happy-go-lucky bars and restaurants, quickly burst with life in response to news of Joe Biden’s big win. The vibrant Peachtree street was crowded with people wielding Pride, BLM, Biden-Harris 2020 flags, and even large Joe Biden heads. The cupid shuffle along with other popular dances filled the streets. Cardboards decorated with different messages and cheering added to the victorious aura that sticks around Midtown to this day. Sophomore Hampton Sapp was quick to visit Midtown with his mother after hearing the election results. “It was at the rainbow intersection and just really exciting. There were no counter protestors,” says Sapp.

Georgia, normally a red state, was a relevant part of the later stages of the Presidential election. Worth 16 electoral votes, it held the possibility of deciding if Biden won the election (along with swing states Nevada and Pennsylvania). Towards the end of the election, Georgia became a swing state for the first time in decades, with the last time being blue in 1992.

Midtown filled with nearly a hundred or more people, eventually causing a road by 10th street to be cut off by police. This caused slow moving traffic in the surrounding area. Piedmont park-goers joined the celebration along with Beltline visitors once the news hit. Passing cars honked, played loud music, and some even stuck their heads out of windows and sunroofs to hype up the large crowd. “I went to celebrate and drive through. Everyone was so happy,” said Sophomore Hannah Kauffman. “People were waving flags and cheering; it was just pure joy.” 

Not only was Midtown full with happy supporters, other parts of Georgia cheered with joy simultaneously. A large group gathered in front of a John Lewis mural to celebrate and give respect to the late civil rights leader. Cars honked in festivity in Little Five Points and areas in Decatur. Biden supporters held signs thanking Stacey and the youth in Freedom Park and outside of the State Farm Arena.

When driving around it won’t be rare to see the remnants of the morning till night parade in the Heart of the Arts. Biden-Harris merchandise and happy supporters still linger throughout Peachtree Street. Celebrations are sure to continue as January 2021 nears and the race for the Senate goes on. May it be in the Piedmont area, Freedom Park or a neighborhood, you might just run into a good time.