NAHS Drama Thespians Take on Virtual ThesCon



The Show Must Go On: The first virtual Georgia Thespian Conference doesn’t dissipate North’s love for theater

The show must go on! Nothing will stop North Atlanta’s theater crew from participating in Georgia’s yearly Thespian Conference.  This year’s ThesCon will follow a similar three-day structure as the year’s prior, the main difference being that it will be held virtually rather than in person. Regardless, spirits remain high among thespians itching to engage in the dramatics of theatre again.

The February Georgia Thespian Conference brings together theatre lovers from all over the state. In a non-quarantine setting, ThesCon would begin with an opening number featuring numbers from Broadway to stir up excitement, followed by workshops ranging from dance to vocal performance. Competitions, auditions, interviews, and karaoke add some spice to the event.

The biggest change this year is the shift from in-person to online. The Thespian Conference will be done through a virtual reality platform, which will attempt to keep the lively spirit from faltering. Thespians at North Atlanta are more than ready to take on the challenge of emulating their beloved theatre in this pandemic setting. 

Ms. Lilliangina Quiñones, North’s theater director, is ecstatic at this opportunity for her students. As the overseer of the school’s Thespian Society, she knows just how much the Conference means to the troupe members and for theater kids everywhere. “ThesCon is the ultimate event for them,” says Quiñones. “There’s auditions, scholarships, and connecting with other fellow thespians, as well as the chance to just have an uplifting, inspiring time; these three days a truly remarkable.”

The new changes do not erase the liveliness ThesCon raises within the theater community. The pandemic has not been kind to the arts, so the perseverance of this conference is the light at the end of the tunnel for thespians. They look forward to ThesCon and hope to make memories, gain experience, and deepen their love for the craft.