Thanksgiving in Jeopardy? NAHS Students and their Plans for Turkey Day


MD Anderson

Attitude of Gratitude: This Thanksgiving, students must take extra precautions to remain safe while giving thanks.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our way of life to this day, major events have been put on pause or cancelled altogether. For the annual holiday that is Thanksgiving, COVID-19 has forced families to think considerably about their plans and traditions. Whether it be full-on cancellations or limiting attendance, the pandemic is going to severely affect the holiday. So, how will people adjust in order to safely celebrate?

According to Inside Edition, a national survey reported that approximately 4 in 10 Americans plan to have a big Thanksgiving feast. This a major concern to health officials, who feel that indoor get-togethers are not a smart idea whatsoever. They suggest staying outdoors, where large groups of people can stay safe and socially distanced.

 If people were to eat inside, windows should be open to recreate that outdoor environment. Studies have found that opening windows can reduce the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19. An additional suggestion would be to not pass out the food, rather keeping it in one spot. Multiple different households and families gathering around food is not safe in the slightest, so a one household at a time approach to getting food is best. “Following the safety precautions has always been important during the pandemic, but especially now with all these large gatherings taking place because of the holiday,” Junior Michael Yim said.

As the United States struggles to get COVID-19 under control, one NAHS student and her family made the decision to take the Thanksgiving celebration out of the country. Senior Caitlin Hohenstein and her family have plans to head to the Bahamas over Thanksgiving break, where coronavirus cases continue to drop. “We’re going to a private island where there won’t be more than 30 guests,” Hohenstein said. “So we are hoping safety won’t be too much of an issue for us.”

No matter how you spend this upcoming Thanksgiving break, don’t put your health and safety in the rearview mirror. Whether that be through wearing masks, socially distancing, or limiting attendance, having fun but also staying safe with family and other visitors should be priority number one on Turkey Day. Have a great break North Atlanta students!