Diplomatic Dubs: How Politics Have Taken Over Social Media


Dennis Racket

Red or Blue?: Sophomore Grady Bartlett is overwhelmed with political opinions on his social media feeds.

Over these past few months, the political climate of our country has changed significantly. Younger generations are becoming more and more involved with the social, political, and economic struggles our country is facing right now, especially in the case of this year’s election. This involvement has taken form in many ways, with one of the most prominent being over social media.

Social media outlets such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Facebook have become hot spots for younger generations to express their stances on the most pressing issues our country is facing. These outlets have been taken over by discussions of topics like the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter Movement, COVID, abortion laws, and much more. 

Many students have reported that in the past few months their pages have been flooded with posts and videos of people sharing information about politics. Whether it’s from random people who pop up on their page or from their fellow classmates, students can’t seem to escape the overwhelming amount of information and opinions being shared on social media. “It feels like all of social media has been taken over by politics.” said sophomore Lizzie Havey, “I don’t mind people sharing their opinions but sometimes it can be overwhelming.” 

Though social media might be the most easily digestible platforms to find information, it’s important that students do their own research outside of the posts they see. It’s no secret that much of the information shared on social media is based off of a personal bias or that the information is only part of a bigger situation. Many Warriors have taken the liberty of doing their own research and diving deeper into the issues they were intrigued by on social media. “The integration of politics into social media has allowed me to become more aware of the issues happening in the world,” said sophomore Grady Bartlett, “but there is an issue with false information being spread easily.”

Many Warrior students have used their voices to advocate for issues they feel strongly about on social media. Some students share informational posts on their Instagram stories, while others openly talk about different issues that they have taken an interest in. One of the most discussed topics among the Warriors is the presidential election. Both candidates are highly criticized by the other side, and sometimes things can get pretty intense. For the most part, however, the Dubs keep it civil as they are all working towards the same goal; to educate. 

Warrior students have successfully and, for the most part, respectfully embraced the integration of discussions about our country’s most important issues into social media. This social media takeover has brought a new popularity and importance to the many issues the nation is facing.