Science National Honors Society: Experimenting with Virtual Format


Dennis Racket

Science Prodigies: Some of the North Atlanta Science National Honors Society members can be seen being sworn in in the image above. The leadership team is excited to create many important meetings even over their virtual format this year.

With this year gearing up, North Atlanta’s Science National Honors Society (SNHS) has begun conducting meetings about all things science. The club is overcoming obstacles presented with virtual learning to ensure a productive and challenging atmosphere.

This Honors Society, advised by Dr. Bhagyalakshml Gopalsingh, a beloved North Atlanta physics teacher, has wasted no time in getting everything in order for the club to run smoothly. Dr. G (as she is known around NAHS) is dedicated to SNHS and puts in the effort needed to keep the club organized and orderly. The Honors Society has already elected their leadership staff for this school year. Elections were held during a virtual meeting and speeches were made as candidates strived to persuade members to vote for them. Tyler Hankin was elected President, Grace Vigitel as Vice President, and both Michael Pickens and Honor Crandll serve as Managers. 

To become a part of North Atlanta’s Science National Honors Society, potential members must meet the mandatory requirements. These requirements include maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher, or membership will be lost. Potential members must also fill out the necessary forms along with the membership fee to complete their application. An oath ceremony was held one morning, with inductees dressed in white or blue to pledge their membership to the club. 

Due to SNHS holding meetings on Zoom, many changes will take place to the club. Having meetings be virtual allows for easier access to communicating with any scientist in the world. This will lead to the club accomplishing its main goal of increased engagement. The leadership staff is currently working on booking a range of scientists to account for all interests. “We are super excited to get started with this type of outreach,” said Senior Tyler Hankin. “I know we can do big and exciting things even though we are virtual this year.”

The leadership team has high hopes to revamp the club this year and make it more enticing for its members. Meetings in prior years have included watching a science-related video, and this year, a new goal is to have more structured meetings. Although the meetings cannot be held in-person, work is still being done to make the club interactive and fulfilling to all members. “My goals this year are to inspire the members to grow the program and share their love for science with more people at NAHS,” said Hankin. “I’m looking forward to seeing how this program develops in the coming years!”

Science National Honors Society plans of becoming an interactive and accessible source for science for Warriors. With this new way of holding meetings virtually, new ways of communicating and bringing together the club can come forth.