Wandering Warriors Take Vacations to Snag a Victory Over Zoom


Ava Tomlin

Wandering Warriors: In order to combat the repetitiveness of online learning, many Dubs have found it an excellent time to try a new scenery. With virtual school, many Dubs have been logging during their families’ travels to add excitement to an online year.

Every new day begins with new possibilities… or at least it should. But for students in remote learning, each day is defined by the same monotonous routine: wake up, log on, and spend 8 hours staring at a computer screen in the tragically familiar confines of a bedroom. Overwhelming boredom is a natural side effect of online school’s tedium, and students and teachers alike are struggling to distinguish between the days that are now all blurring together. Except, a few Warriors have averted the dismal effects of this reality and made online school a positive experience. But how did they do it? The answer is vacations.

Many NAHS students have taken the (black and) silver-lining approach to online school and been lucky enough to uproot to dream destinations, logging onto Zoom from the mountains, lake or beach. Student vacationists stun their fellow classmates as they log into class with the beach directly behind them! The new schedule combined with the nature of virtual learning is repetitive, and so this chance to enjoy a change of scenery makes the current reality a bit less grim. 

A handful of teachers are also finding the positives in these remote learning conditions, including IB TOK teacher Amy Shilling, who is working from Saint Augustine, Florida. “It’s pretty great! I finish up with classes and can walk right out onto the beach,” said Shilling.

Although many ever-faithful Dubs love the North and yearn for the opportunity to return to the mighty 11 stories, others have come to favor the vacationing aspect of distance learning. Libby Carroll is a junior who has spent her first semester primarily in Hilton Head, SC but also had the chance to travel to Texas to watch the Braves in the playoffs. “I definitely prefer the beach,” said Carroll. “When I compare it with the crowded stairwells, waking up an hour earlier every day, and always having to look presentable, I don’t really miss the in-building experience.”

While not everyone has the opportunity to venture to the beach or lake, Dubs can also break up the monotony by taking advantage of the time saved from cutting out the long commutes to and from school, using the extra time to explore Atlanta or spend more time outside. During the school day, students can also break up their day by logging onto Zoom from outside their bedrooms or living rooms at unique local locations for the much-needed change in scenery. 

Although there are many crestfallen Warriors still mourning the loss of a school year up on Northside Parkway (and understandably so), the Dubs dispersed across the country (or within our very own city) are finding that Zoom school has some perks. Whether it’s journeying to the beach and mountains or relishing the benefits of a mini stay-cation, students can continue to make the most of a less-than-perfect scenario in true Warrior fashion. Go Dubs!