Are You Among Us?: This Trendy Game is Taking Over Social Media



Top of the Charts: Among Us is the latest trendy game to top the charts on the App Store and Google Play.

Among Us is the latest trending video game that is popular for play, and for viewing on Twitch and Youtube. Over the past few months, it has become even more popular and you can find celebrities playing the game like Logic, T-Pain, Soulja Boy, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a U.S Representative. 

Since it’s a multiplayer game, you can play it with your friends or with strangers from somewhere within your region, and it’s free to download via the Apple Store or Google Play. Among Us is best known for its unique setup. The game consists of four to ten players in a game, and each player is a crewmate or one of the two imposters. The crewmates have to travel through a spaceship or on a home base to complete their assigned tasks before the  imposter kills them. While the crewmates are doing their tasks, imposters are trying to sabotage or slow down the crewmates and to kill them. They can sabotage by cutting off the lights, setting off a reactor melt down, slowly cutting off the oxygen, and turning off communications. The crewmates can find the imposter by discovering a body and reporting it, which launches a meeting and sends everyone to the center of the ship. When in the meeting everyone discusses what happened to see if they can find out who the imposter is or point out who they think is suspicious or “sus”. 

Before the Among Us hype, another super popular game played this year was Animal Crossing. You can create your own home, explore the world, make friends with the local animals, do little tasks like catching fish, selling bugs, and digging up fossils. Although the foundations of the game are quite different, they are super popular among teens. Animal Crossing provides more of a variety of tasks, in comparison to Among Us. In Among Us, you’re situated to find the imposter, which some students feel can lose its thrill factor after time. “I feel like the hype will be taken away by another game as we’ve already seen in the past,” said junior Nneke Otuonye. “Many past games, such as Fortnite or APEX Legends, have lost players due to the latest games surpassing their ability to entertain and functionality.”

Among Us has over 217 million downloads on mobile devices. A lot of people like the game because of the social and detective skills you use to win the game or lose to the sneaky imposters. Of course everyone has their own opinion of the game, but some see it leaning towards the same downfall as Fortnite. “I feel like Among us will lose it’s hype just like Fortnite, because people easily get tired of playing the same game over and over,” said junior Johanna Cortez.

Among Us is available to play on all platforms, and it’s a good way to practice your detective or deceptive skills while having fun with friends or strangers. Look over there! Red is looking kind of sus, VOTE THEM OUT!