The Dubs Indulge in Car Craze


Dennis Racket

Riding in Style: Junior Skylar Huckabee went all out in modifying her 4-runner.

North Atlanta has its fair share of car aficionados. Whether that may entail an interest in vintage or modern ones, many students take great pride in upgrading and modifying their cars. In a normal year, this would be evidenced by the array of tricked-out rides on display in the parking deck. 

Although a lot of students are into newer, more trendy cars, some have a penchant for the classics. Junior James Shaw can be seen driving around in his 1995 white Ford Bronco. While he loves his car and is very pleased with many aspects of the vehicle, it was not easy to come by. After searching for months on various websites, he was finally able to find one he wanted “I was so glad I was finally able to find the right one because this has been my dream car since 7th grade.” he said. 

One of the more popular whips is a Toyota 4-Runner. Many drive this car as-is, while others trick it out with unique additions. Junior Skylar Huckabee enjoyed adding new modifications to her car, including new rims and tires, blacked out emblems, LED lights, and a 3” lift kit. These alterations can be fairly time consuming and required a pretty significant amount of work but she’s pleased with the outcome. “I am very happy with how my car turned out and I love it so much,” she said. “The time and effort I put into it definitely paid off.” 

Another reason for car modifications is to be able to go off-roading, an activity that turns everyday vehicles into ATVs. Junior Charles Plyler spoofed up his 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee for this reason, along with a desire for his car to be more powerful. Adding a cold air intake, performance spark plugs, cat back straight pipe, and a stage 2 tune, Plyler was able to create his dream ride. “I am very happy with everything I have done to my car so far, but there are still some additions I would like to make in the future.” he said. 

The Dubs have a need for speed and an affinity for hot rods. Keep your eyes peeled for these decked-out rides.