Watching “Naruto”: A Great Experience


Anime OS

Awesome Anime: “Naruto” is a great show for anyone looking for a nice binge or easy intro to anime.

I started watching “Naruto” a few weeks ago.  The reason I started is because I felt like I had nothing else to watch and my friends have been recommending this show for a while.  This was my first time watching anime and I really enjoyed it.  The show is around 220 episodes and I watched them fast.

Starting off I was a bit hesitant, but as I continued watching I realized that I was thoroughly enjoying the show.  The premise of a show is about a kid named Naruto Uzumaki and his journey to become a great ninja. “Naruto” does a great job of introducing characters and building their backstory.  The show becomes very enjoyable throughout the seasons, and it’s nice to understand some of the side characters a little bit better when you learn the backstory.

The animation is great, and the concept of a land where there isn’t really a real army, just a village of ninjas, is very cool. Then, to go with that, it’s interesting to see the ninja be able to do things through chakra, which is kind of like a ninja’s power source in “Naruto.”  The plot of the show is great with a lot of different arcs to watch.  My personal favorite arc is the Chunin Exams because it built up so many other characters.

While the show is great there are also some problems, for example, all of the filler episodes. The show has about 90 episodes of filler in total which aren’t important to the show or its storyline. Some of the filler is entertaining, but other times it can be really boring too. My recommendation is just to skip the filler and watch the episodes that do matter.

I would definitely recommend that you watch this show.  It is a great introduction to anime and is a fun watch. You can find “Naruto” on Netflix or Hulu, both with the English-dubbed version.