Uh-Oh: Why Skating the Station Might Not Be the Best Option This Winter


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Skate or Flop: Is Atlantic Station’s “Skate the Station” worth the money for a crowded experience? Shown above are sophomores Se’Lah Robinson, Adanna Majekodunmi, and Sia Nair.

Dashing through the snow. In a one horse open sleigh. O’er the fields we go, skating all the way! We’ve reached the most wonderful time of the year. For those of us who enjoy seasonal festivities, ice skating is a winter necessity. Atlantic Station’s seasonal event Skate the Station is often praised for great service and experience. What’s not so wonderful is ice skating with the possible risk of testing positive for coronavirus. In these times, the high demand to ice skate in Atlantic Station mixed with a pandemic is more of a foe than a friend. 

$15 for 75 minutes; it’s up to you to decide whether or not that’s a steal, but keep in mind the cons. When ordering tickets you will notice there are 45 slots for each time. It is assumed that the slots assist in keeping a safe number of people on the rink, but upon arriving, I noticed there were far more than 45 people on the rink and sitting area (to put on skates) combined. This is unfortunate due to the size of the roundabout-styled ice rink, which is smaller compared to the rinks in previous years.

Unlike many entertainment places there is no temperature screening required to skate. To add on, throughout the hour and 15 minute experience, I noticed many people take off their masks or have it placed under their chin. Due to the size of the rink and amount of people, social distancing was not something easily maintained. You may experience less people in the opening hour, but as the day goes on and night appears only more people show up. This also may change depending on what day you go. “I’ve been before and this year wasn’t as fun as before,” said Sophomore Sia Nair. “There’s a pandemic and there wasn’t much space; germs were spread easily.” 

Mercifully, Skate the Station staff cleans ice skates after each use and wears masks on at all times. They are friendly and well mannered, which is something you can’t always expect. There are skate helpers available along with socks and gloves for $4.00. A vending area is also attached, holding items such as coffee and popcorn.

Without the looming presence of Corona, Skate the Station is a great place to ice skate in metro Atlanta. You’re able to skate, shop, and dine in the heart of the Atlanta area. COVID-19 has taken a lot, so it’s unfortunate yet expected that rendezvous with friends isn’t as easy as before. It’s unknown what the future will bring, but I encourage Dubs to fulfill the winter spirit at Skate the Station in the coming years, just maybe not this winter season.