Can I Steal You For a Sec? This Season of the “Bachelorette” is Airing


Dennis Racket

Bachelorette or Bust: This year’s season of The Bachelorette is unlike any other. Hear sophomore staff writer Tanner Adam’s take on this popular reality show.

Even a worldwide pandemic couldn’t stop ABC’s 18 years running Bachelor Franchise. A global virus and changing of the “Bachelorette” mid-season was unheard of in “Bachelor-Bachelorette” history, until now. The fan-favorite dating show took filming in the COVID era to the next level with insane creativity because well, the show must always go on. 

Filming for the 2020 “Bachelorette” season was scheduled to begin in mid-March with a season premiere date in May, but it was, of course, severely delayed. Nevertheless, Clare Crawley, the 2020 “Bachelorette”, got her chance at love three months late, in one of the most unconventional seasons ever. However, many loyal “Bachelor-Bachelorette” fans didn’t approve of Crawley getting the lead position. I’m one of those fans. There are many women who’ve appeared recently in other Bachelor Franchise shows that would’ve been a much better fit than Crawley. Crawley is older than past “Bachelorettes” and she hasn’t appeared on a Bachelor Franchise show since 2013. Many aren’t familiar with Crawley, and therefore weren’t happy with her as the “Bachelorette”, myself included.

Regardless of the backlash, ABC got for its choice of “Bachelorette”, the show continued. Following all the necessary precautions, Crawley was able to pull off her season. The 31 men had to quarantine for two weeks upon arriving at the resort where the show was being filmed. They took numerous COVID tests and filming was confined to the resort in California.

The men and Claire were cleared to film upon receiving negative test results. However, after only three episodes, equating to three weeks of filming – yes, only three weeks – Crawley was convinced she had found her husband and wanted to discontinue her “journey to find love.” There were still 20+ men remaining, but Crawley claimed she was in love with Dale, one of the suitors. Dale proposed to Clare and they left the resort, the show, and 20+ men, confused and disappointed. “I was very annoyed with Clare and her season,” said junior and avid “Bachelor-Bachelorette” watcher Evelyn Iwanicki. “She wasted the other guy’s time and led them on. It was clear from the beginning that she had her heart set on Dale. She sent other men home for unnecessary reasons and victimized herself just to spend more time with Dale.”

But, the Bachelor Franchise is nothing if not prepared. When Clare left the show and the men behind, Tayshia Adams, a past “Bachelor” season contestant, was brought in to save the day. Tayshia met the guys and thus began her “journey for love.” Let’s just say, it’s 1000 times better than Clare’s season could’ve ever been, even with the added pandemic difficulties. 

While I won’t be signing myself up for the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” anytime soon, or at all, I’ll definitely continue to watch as a fan. The drama, crazy contestants, and extra spice added with the pandemic is unmatched. The show is a guilty pleasure for most, entertainment for all, and of course, a Dubs’ favorite. Clearly for viewers, the drama – not the virus – is the most contagious thing.