Terrific Taquerias: The Top Three Taco Joints in A-Town


Ava Tomlin

Top Tier Tacos: Tuza, Yumbii, and Taqueria del Sol provide Atliens with to-die-for tacos. Check out junior staff writer Ava Tomlin’s take on these tremendous taco joints.

Let’s talk-o ‘bout tacos. Tacos are a top tier food that simultaneously achieves unlimited variation potential and superb simplicity. I would even go so far as to dub tacos the best food on the planet. There is never a bad time to chow down on these tasty goodness-filled tortillas, and fortunately, Atlanta presents many outstanding options for Dubs to get their taco fix on any day of the week. So without any further talk, here is (in my expert opinion) a rundown on the best taco restaurants in the metro-Atlanta area.

  1. Tuza

Starting off, we have Tuza, which is a taco restaurant located on Howell Mill Road dedicated to offering “authentic tacos and terrific drinks crafted with love”. Tuza’s tacos certainly achieve their mission of authenticity, serving up what I consider to be the most traditional form of a taco: hard shell, ground beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese. Although, after only being open for a little over one year, COVID-19 has forced the joint to close its indoor dining, and it currently only offers curbside service or outdoor seating. While Tuza does earn points for implementing pandemic precautions, the outdoor dining is not ideal for winter weather. Maybe save this one for taco takeout.

  1. Yumbii

Coming in at Number 2 is Yumbii, a restaurant that fuses Asian and Mexican cooking to craft truly terrific tacos. With three locations around Atlanta, Yumbii is the newer, trendier version of Hankook Taqueria, another beloved taco joint. Yumbii’s menu presents the most creative and diverse selections, offering up a range of dishes from Korean BBQ Style Chicken Tacos to a Yumbii Philly or even a side of the famous Sesame Fries (served with the staple Chipotle Ketchup, of course). I personally opt for Yumbii when I’m seeking out a more adventurous taco-eating experience. Yum(bii)!

  1. Taqueria Del Sol

Last, but certainly not least, we have Taqueria Del Sol. More endearingly dubbed by the Dubs as just “Taq”, this taco joint has been a favorite around Atlanta for over 20 years. The ever-present long line out the door is testimony to the craze for Taq’s sensational tacos and unmatched experience of eating in such a lively and buzzing atmosphere. Although I love all tacos (clearly), Taqueria Del Sol’s fried chicken tacos, specifically, hold a special place in my heart. Hattie Schuessler is another Dub who shares the same passion for this taqueria. “Taq is my absolute favorite,” she said. “I love it because it’s a fun environment to eat with friends, and their fried chicken tacos are amazing!”

So there you have it: the tastiest taquerias in A-Town. Next time you’re out and searching for your taco fix, make sure to check out these awesome spots. Whether it’s for taco Tuesday or any day of the week, these Atlanta taco joints have been serving up the Dubs an impressive menu and adding even more flavor to the city we know and love.