Sophomores Prepare for the Future with Applerouth Mock PSAT


Dennis Racket

Testing Success: Sophomores recently underwent mock PSAT testing through the Apple Ruth Test Prep/Tutoring Services. This helpful practice provided all North Atlanta 10th graders with realistic preparation for future exams in their academic careers.

At this time, sophomores are entering their fourth semester of high school (two of which unfortunately spent online). MYP, preparing for IB, and simply growing up are among the concerns of an average North Atlanta sophomore. As Class of 2023 approaches their junior year they’ve got quite a few tasks to check off. Fortunately, taking the Mock PSAT online is a task sophomore Dubs can be happy to check off.

North Atlanta has graced the class of 23 and paid for every 10th grader to take a mock PSAT. In a mock PSAT, test takers get a feel of what it’s like to take the real test. Considering the nationwide circumstances regarding COVID-19, the mock PSAT was given to sophomores online through the Applerouth test prep/tutoring services. Through Applerouth, test preparation is offered for all college admission tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) 

On the second asynchronous Wednesday, sophomores took the mock PSAT for nearly four hours from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. All sophomores were encouraged to take this opportunity and were provided details and registration information for the test weeks in advance. The test consisted of two sections, Evidence Based Reading and Writing and Math. Each section was split into two parts, reading and writing for the former, then a no calculator and calculator sections for the latter. The test was online with a timer for each part, but allowed takers to move onto the next section when needed, rather than waiting for the allotted time to run out as would be required in a physical scenario. “I’ve never taken a test like this online, but it was very helpful and something to look back on,” said sophomore Yasmeen Demps.

Scores were issued back to test takers on the Applerouth website a week after testing on December 9. There, they were able to review their score in each section and what they should work on based on what they scored wrong. This mock PSAT is especially important and helpful for 10th graders who choose to do the IB Diploma Program, Courses Only, or Career-Related Program next year. Those interested in the programs should have achieved around 500 for both sections. It also helps prepare students for the real PSAT taken their junior year, which can help qualify them for merit scholarships. Testers who were unable to take this test or had issues with it should register for a January test or contact a counselor.

Yet another experience scratched off, and another story to tell, the mock PSAT was an excellent promise of practice and improvement for sophomores. Now the class of 23 will move onto their next chapter with not a drop of sweat. Let’s cheer our sophomores on for whatever comes next, and remember, go Dubs!