Facebook: Old and Done or Immune to the Passage of Time?


Dennis Racket

In or Out: The future of Facebook is debated by many young people today. While some find it outdated, many people all around the world, and in the Dub community, still value this iconic social media platform. Shown above is junior Mady Mertens.

Let’s talk about Facebook. You know that social media platform that all your parents use? The one that has been more or less declared to be for old people. In past years, it has been outshined by Instagram and Snapchat. To many Gen Z’ers, Facebook is a foreign concept, or maybe not?

Personally, I like Facebook. While it’s not my go-to, first thing I check in the morning app, it’s definitely something I use weekly, if not daily. Upon its creation in 2002, Facebook did very well, acquiring over 600 million users by the end of 2010. However, with Instagram being created in 2010 and Snapchat in 2011, these newer apps rose and overtook Facebook’s spot as the most popular social media application among teens. Many teens find Facebook hard to navigate and confusing. While I am an active Facebook user, I can agree with the confusion. The layout is unconventional and cumbersome when compared to other popular social media apps. I’ve been a Facebook user for over a year now and still, I get confused. 

Despite that inconvenience, I still use and like Facebook. One of the biggest perks, in my opinion, are Facebook groups. Facebook groups serve many purposes. Since there is no member limit, these groups can have tens of thousands of people. Groups can be used to spread information, ask and answer questions, meet new people, buy and sell items, etc. Facebook marketplace is another buying and selling aspect of the platform that is widely used. 

All of these different groups are amazing because you are given the ability to post to an enormous audience. Anyone in the group can post within the group, and every member of the group can contact any member that is also in that group. Instagram and Snapchat don’t work as well for this concept. This is what makes Facebook so unique. “I use Facebook for Facebook groups,” said sophomore Riley Martin. “They’re a great way to buy and sell items, share information, and connect with others.” 

Facebook gets a lot of hate simply because it’s older and it targets an older demographic. It is, in my opinion, not deserving of the negative sentiment. “Unlike Instagram, Facebook feels more personal,” said junior Mady Mertens. “It’s also a great way to keep in touch with the older generation.”

And if the group feature, as well as the ability to post life updates, isn’t appealing, the next best thing about Facebook is that almost everyone’s parents have one. This is an advantage that many teenage Facebook users already know about and love. Finding old and… unfortunate pictures of your friends has never been easier.

While many teens may view Facebook as a thing of the past, some, such as myself, would offer a different perspective. Facebook groups, Facebook marketplace, and many other aspects make Facebook so popular. So, whether you’re taking advantage of these awesome features or just doing some plain old stalking of friends through their parents’ accounts, Facebook has something for everyone.