Streaming Struggles: Apple Music vs Spotify



Ongoing Debate: The choice between Apple Music and Spotify is one that many NAHS students have to make, and it is important to consider their differences when picking a streaming service.

From Walkmans, to portable CD players, to iPod shuffles, to smartphones and laptops, it has never been easier for people to listen to music. As technology has developed, cassette tapes and CDs have gradually been replaced by music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The two streaming apps have been a popular topic of debate among over which app is more suitable to consumers, and as a user of both apps myself, I feel it’s time I weigh in on the matter.

At their core, both Spotify and Apple Music offer many similar features and technicalities. Both services offer a subscription fee of $9.99 a month for full access to all of the app’s features and music libraries. Although Apple Music pulls ahead with a library consisting of over 60 million songs, Spotify is right on its tail, holding a library of over 50 million songs. Though the services may share some similar features, it’s their differences that have put them on the pedestal of debate.

 First, let’s talk about Apple Music. Most would describe Apple Music as the more “user friendly” app of the two, and I can attest to that. Apple Music offers a much simpler, brighter, and easier to navigate layout. I found it very easy to create playlists, add music to them, and add personalized pictures to the cover of my playlists. There is also a tab labeled “Browse” on the app that offers tons of pre-made playlists ranging from pop to jazz, and everything in between. Overall, I don’t mind the app. It’s user friendly, easy to navigate, and offers a wide variety of music, what’s not to like?

Next, let’s talk about Spotify. Spotify is a helpful app that allows you to grow your music library by helping you find new music and artists to listen to. Similarly to other music streaming apps, Spotify users can create playlists that they can add songs to. But what’s special about Spotify is that everyday, the app creates personalized playlists for you based off of the music you listen to, featuring new artists and songs to try out. I can honestly say that using Spotify has helped me grow my music collection, develop my taste in music, and find an endless number of new songs and artists that I now listen to on the daily.

Many music streaming enthusiasts have formed their critical opinions of which streaming app they prefer, and as a user of both Spotify and Apple Music myself, I’d have to say my $10/month is much better spent at Spotify than Apple Music.