Supporting Bright Tomorrows: New Day Fundraiser Ushers in Support for NAHS Hope Squad


Dennis Racket

Spreading Positivity: Shown above from left to right are dedicated seniors Anna Beth Bradley and Avi Hunter. Through socially distant auctions on items such as the student art pictured in the photo, New Day aims to provide funds for mental health awareness projects in the community. New Day is a private, student-led organization that is independent from North Atlanta High School.

Each day brings new hope and possibilities, particularly with the recent support and efforts of the New Day Suicide Prevention Project. Including a series of fundraising events and donations, not sponsored or facilitated through North Atlanta High School, New Day is an independent organization that seeks to raise money for North Atlanta’s chapter of Hope Squad, a national peer-to-peer based suicide prevention organization. This fundraising project is fully student-driven and was recently founded in September of 2020 by seniors Viren Aluri, Blake Fierman, Avi Hunter, Anna Beth Bradley, and Tabitha Randklev who all aim to ensure that Hope Squad can continue to provide the resources for all Warriors to achieve the spirit and strength they need to start each new day.

The first New Day fundraiser hosted on December 13 was a private, socially distanced event that included various activities and efforts to raise money for mental health awareness. The fundraiser hosted auctions for student art, jewelry, hand-painted T-shirts, and more for adults from the community to bid on or simply make donations, and showcased performances by student bands Juneshine and Fantasy Land. “Everyone had a great time at the event,” said Randklev, a senior band member of Fantasy Land. “It was immensely important to the NAHS community because it showed that everyone can come together to make sure no one is alone in their fight with mental illness.”

The event was an overwhelming success, raising over $3,000 to contribute to the continuation of Hope Squad for two more years. Stemming from its aspiration to create a tangible impact within the community, the primary goal of the New Day Project is to raise funds for mental health awareness projects, this year’s focus being Hope Squad. “Through localizing our work, we can see results in our school and ensure that every North Atlanta student that is suffering from depression will be able to wake up every morning and see a new day,” said Fierman.

The efforts of New Day’s leaders and the contributions from the community demonstrate the mutual support, empathy, and solidarity embedded in the NAHS populace. The fundraisers and events provide students and adults with confirmation that there is a close network of help and care available for students who are struggling with their mental health. “New Day really wants to contribute to a lasting legacy of positive action within the North Atlanta community,” said Aluri. “The fundraisers encourage student interaction with personal mental health and promote critical sources of suicide prevention.”

The work of New Day and the support of the community for the Hope Squad fundraising event are helping to shine a light on the darkness that surrounds mental illness. Through demonstrating this support for those with mental illness, the NAHS community continues to help each Warrior fight on in each new day.