NAHS Young Investors Club Helps Prepare Dubs For The Real World


Rollins Hamrick

Business Buds: Juniors James Fiveash and Shepherd Crisp are the founders of North Atlanta’s Young Investors Club.

There are some significant life skills that are not taught in the classroom. Many students graduate with minimal knowledge of money management and personal finance. Juniors James Fiveash and Shepherd Crisp are trying to fix that problem with their new group, the Young Investors Club.

Fiveash and Crisp aim to provide a space for students to educate themselves on the stock market and be more prepared for the real world from a financial standpoint. Many young adults struggle to manage their money and how to invest. Fiveash noticed this was a common issue for people around him. “I wanted to do something about this problem that affects many people I know, including my own sister, a recent college graduate who has no idea what she should be doing with her money” he said.

Throughout the club, members will participate in various activities that should help them learn more about managing and investing money. Some of these ventures will include participating in a stock market simulator, playing monopoly, watching useful films, and listening to speakers who work in wealth management. “James and I worked hard to come up with the best activities that will serve to be the most useful and help people gain the most knowledge.” said Crisp.  

The club was started as Fiveash and Crisp’s Sophomore MYP project, and the first meeting was held in early February of last year. Unfortunately, meetings were not able to be held for very long due to the pandemic, but they hope to be able to pick back up where they left off. They plan to create a google classroom containing a zoom code for online meetings. For now, they have a GroupMe chat that you can text with any questions you may have.

For the business-inclined, this club is a great opportunity. It is never too early to start saving now so you will be able to make smarter investments in your future.