Book Review: Michelle Obama Scores a Big Literary Hit With “Becoming”

Becoming A Best Seller: Former First Lady Michelle Obama's 2018 memoir made a big splash in the literary world.


Becoming A Best Seller: Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2018 memoir made a big splash in the literary world.

“I spent much of my childhood listening to the sound of striving.” These first words from Michelle Obama’s revered memoir “Becoming” gives readers just a taste of what is to come in the next 420 pages. She writes a moving account of her life journey, sharing everything from her struggles with finding her voice to her father’s heartbreaking battle with multiple sclerosis. Her words are inspiring to say the least, and a must-read for those looking to find themselves or explore different perspectives.

Michelle Obama published “Becoming” in 2018, and I’ve been dying to read it ever since. But for one reason or another, I didn’t get around to actually reading the book until this past summer. Regardless of the timing though, Obama’s best-seller didn’t disappoint. The first thing that struck me was the elegance of her writing. The sentences flowed so well that I actually felt as though I was having a conversation with Obama herself! And unlike some autobiographies, which can sometimes drone on with no punch or kick to them, Obama’s was witty, funny, and passionate. It was full of detail, but not to the point that it was overwhelming or difficult to follow. Best of all, “Becoming” was sincere. There were some parts that were light hearted and others that were heartbreaking. A few were solemn, while some were upbeat. Still others were romantic or sometimes just neutral. But all were spoken from the heart, each word holding meaning and soaked in pure passion.

Michelle Obama’s best-selling memoir “Becoming” has gotten rave reviews since its release in 2018 and I’m content to say that I agree. Her story is awe-inspiring and her delivery makes it that much better, almost reducing me to tears at one moment and making my heart ready to burst with joy the next. I most definitely would recommend this book, especially to my fellow teens, as we all need to find ourselves and Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” is a great place to start.