Track and Field Team Runs Past Obstacles of 2021 In New Season


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Jumping the Hurdles: The NAHS track team is excited and eager to start their 2021 season despite changes made due to Covid-19. Shown above are freshman Tori Sadler, freshman Zoey Skye, Head Coach Bryce Doe, junior Olivia Campbell, sophomore Mallory Jackson, and sophomore Jordan Barnes.

New year, new season. Usually, you’ll find the team assembled on the track Monday through Friday from 4 to 6, and luckily that’s the case this year. North Atlanta’s Track and Field team has thankfully been able to come together for the 2021 spring season. Much like it is for other teams, this year is new for the track athletes. Unlike previous seasons athletes must do daily temperature screenings, wear masks, and have an altered schedule due to the spread of COVID-19. Just like every other year, these running Warriors will have no problem hurdling over the obstacles 2020, and now 2021, set upon them.

Since December workouts have been posted to a specified Google Classroom to assist in conditioning. Athletes were encouraged to post sections of their workout to ensure consistency and completion. So far, there are 11 scheduled meets for the staff and members to look forward to, the last meet hopefully being the state meet.

Working with football during the winter, Coach Bryce Doe returns for his second year as the head coach. Although things are different he knows his team will be able to make up for last season’s abrupt end.“We have a strong team this year with good kids, so we can all look forward to reaching personal and team goals this season,” said Doe.

Meanwhile the distance runners gained the new additions of Coach Farrell (girls distance) and Coach Owens (boys distance) this year. Excited to be a part of the coaching staff, the two are fundamental in the success of the team. Sophomore Sophie Haines looks forward to the return of Track and Field and working with her new coach to meet personal goals. “Coach Farrell is super nice and knows a lot about track. I think he has the potential to be a great coach,” she said.

Now that the team is able to come together as a whole they’ve started to prepare for their first meet on February 13th at Westlake High School. It is hoped that the track team won’t have to be faced with cancellations and pauses in practices. Reflected by meet results, you are sure to see a well developed team dynamic and a wonderful representation of the Dubs community. With team goals of winning the region, multiple state champions, everyone reaching new PRs, and more, let’s cheer these Dubs on for a great season!