Flag Football Fiasco: What Will Powderpuff Bring This Year?


Bethany Creaven

Back again: This beloved NAHS tradition has finally made its return. Since Powderpuff did not happen last year, Dubs are gearing up overtime for the game this year.

Powderpuff is back and better than ever (or so we hope) this school year, and it’s safe to say that the Dubs are glad to see a sacred homecoming tradition come back to life. However, not all of the Warriors are jumping for joy at the return of Powderpuff. After 2019’s hunger gam- I mean powderpuff games, some students are hesitant to share their excitement in reigniting the flag football fun.

Powderpuff is meant to be a fun, recreational tournament where the lady Dubs get to take their shot at being football stars, while the boys are encouraged to take on sideline positions as cheerleaders (cute, right?). This beloved tradition is supposed to be a unifying force among the Dubs, but over the last few years, the game seems to have strayed from its roots. The once lighthearted and enjoyable game has now turned into an intense, extremely physical face-off between the grades, each fighting for the number one spot. But will that be the case this year?

While the drama-filled and uber-physical 2019 games might have put a damper on the true meaning of Powderpuff, the Warrfam are in good spirits and are hopeful for this year’s games. Junior Juliette Holzworth is one player who fell victim to the harsh physicality of the game when she broke her collarbone while playing her freshman year. While you might expect this extreme injury to put Holzworth out of the game forever, she is ready to prove you wrong. “I consider myself a super aggressive player, and even though I got hurt in the last game, I still really want to play,” Holzworth said. “I’m super excited for the upcoming powderpuff game and I really want to win!” 

While Holzworth is ready to jump back into the game even after suffering from an injury, others might not share her passion to play an aggressive game. Junior Virginia Odom was seen as one of the star players on her team during her freshman year, but after the last Powderpuff games, she is now unsure if she will play. “While I loved the excitement and atmosphere of Powderpuff, I’m not sure if I will play this year because of all of the drama and injuries that went down at the last games,” Odom said.

It’s difficult to predict how intense the Powderpuff games will be this year, especially considering that some students enjoyed the intensity of the games and the drama that surrounded them, while others want the games to return to the light-hearted fun they believe Powderpuff is meant to be. Whatever happens in this year’s games, we can only hope to bring back the true meaning of Powderpuff and let it remain as a long-standing Dubs tradition.