JROTC Leader Greer Wins Prestigious Legion of Honor Award 


Rollins Hamrick

Top Brass: JROTC Battalion Commander Anna Greer recently was awarded the prestigious Legion of Valor Bronze Cross, and is one of only 29 JROTC cadets in the country to win the medal.

“ATTENTION!” In 2020, there were only 29 — out of more than JROTC cadets across the country — who won the prestigious Legion of Valor Bronze Cross from the Legion of Valor of the United States of America, a group that promotes JROTC education among high school students. The award recognizes excellence in military, education and community service. And it turns out that North Atlanta’s very own JROTC Battalion Commander Anna Greer was awarded this prestigious award on August 1. 

The achievement lends itself to an attendant question: Just how did Cadet Greer rise to the top of North Atlantas’ JROTC program? Her story goes all the way back to the Eastern European country of Georgia where she was born in 2003. In 2007, when she was just 3, she came to the States with her family. Greer grew up in a family devoted to helping others and a family with military roots. Her father served in the U.S Coast Guard and played an important role in Greer’s interest in the military. When she was in 6th grade her father took her to a military event where various representatives from different service academies came together to talk about school. Here her passion for the military and dream to attend a service academy were born. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh my goodness that’s where I want to go. That’s the path for me,’” she said.  

When going to high school Greer’s passion led her to join the JROTC program at North Atlanta. She worked her way through ranks from working on the staff to now managing every aspect of JROTC cadet life. She is on the color guard, flag detail, and honor guard and maintains the Battalion Commander position. “As a freshman, I would look at my commanders and think there’s no way I’m ever going advance to the top but I did everything I could do and worked with my instructors and was able to get there,” said Greer. 

Not only does Greer hold the highest position in North Atlantas JROTC program. She also is a member of the Junior Leadership Academic Bowl team — where she was critical in the team’s run at Nationals in 2019. She’s also on the varsity Debate Team, Beta Club, National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and the Asian Culture Club. She is a true renaissance woman and embodies a more than successful high school student. But how does this busy young woman juggle so much? “Time management is key,” she said. “You sometimes have to prioritize certain things over others but I try to stay balanced.”

For college, Greer hopes to attend one of our nation’s military academies, where she hopes to major in chemical engineering and then go on to a career as a military doctor. Her medical aspirations come from a yearning to help as many people as possible and also to help those who may not be getting the help they need. Greer’s grandmother, who is also from Georgia — again, the country, not the state — has genetic diabetes and is unable to get the help she needs there. “It pains me because I know if she was in America a lot of things happening to her could have been prevented and fixed, ” Greer said. 

Cadet Greer is on her way to a very successful military career and she says the JROTC program has been a big help for her in developing her goals. She said her high school career in North JROTC has helped her confidence, and her leadership skills. “Not to sound cheesy but I now value the little things in life more and I’ve learned so many life lessons through JROTC,” said Greer. 

Greer said she felt she was a strong candidate to receive the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross. But all the same she said it was a big surprise to her when she found out she won it. The award was made public by North Atlanta’s JROTC director, Lt. Col. Lynnette Minnick. When the cadets were in formation, Minnick announced to the assembled ranks: “Everyone give a round of applause to Greer, she won the “Legion of Valor Award.” 

Greer said the moment left her speechless. But this award was a lot more meaningful than just representing her accomplishments. “The Medal symbolizes not only my hard work but the work of those who have supported me,” she said. “Without my leaders and cadets, I would not be here today. I am humbled and honored, this medal depicts hard work, perseverance, and successful teamwork.”

Greer’s current signal about what kind of military career she will have. “In the military, I know that I can do something bigger than myself and make a difference,” she said. 

It’s safe to say the military will get a good one in North Atlanta JROTC Battalion Commander Anna Greer.