It’s Back: 11 Stories News Segment Making a Surprising Return


Regan Murray

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again: “11 Stories” News Segment making a shocking return.

Named after North Atlanta High School’s signature 11 story stature, the infamous “11 Stories” news segment that once lit up homerooms with its amusing and entertaining content is making an astonishing comeback. For Warriors, walking into school every other Tuesday morning for advisement usually meant a new “11 Stories” episode was awaiting our attention on the promethean board. However, with COVID-19 coming into the picture, this soon came to an end. The new norm of at home schooling and ‘Zoom School’ made it difficult to display the news segment in a group setting where students could share how they felt about a particular episode. Ever since then, there has been a longing for the comedic relief that “11 Stories” provides during a typically boring school day.

The return of North Atlanta students and staff to campus has now allowed for the return of “11 Stories” to promethean boards, much to the satisfaction of all Warriors. Mr. Alfred – the audio tech and film teacher – is the man running the show behind the scenes. Taking over for Coach Regan, Mr. Alfred has been working since the first day of school to make his vision of a new and improved “11 Stories” news segment a reality. “We have really seen the value of what the “11 Stories” provides to our students,” Mr Alfred said. “The pandemic gave us a fresh start that jump started new ideas and allowed all of this to happen.”

The real MVPs behind the bi-weekly segment, however, are the students. Known as his “lieutenants,” his 11th grade students have devoted a majority of their class time working on editing the episodes. Thanks to Mr. Alfred’s mentoring, the students are now well equipped to take full control, embracing the former student lead agenda that existed in the past. “For students, about students, by students. That is what this is all about,” said Mr. Alfred.

What exactly should we expect, you ask? Think of it as your local news broadcast told from the student perspective. While one person is behind the camera, someone else is on the other side as the anchor. It seems every team member moves with a purpose about the classroom, either camera-ready or glued to a computer screen. “Working on this project has been really fun,” senior Bobby Scott said. “Mr. Alfred brings a passion that is infectious and brings out the best in you.”

Things are definitely looking up for the “11 Stories” sequel, but in the meantime, some things are still needed to get the show on the road. For one, student mentors would be helpful to give guidance to the creators and provide an extra boost in the idea generating process. To that effect, seniors like Scott and Dean Burden have been able to step in where help is needed the most. As a result of their efforts, the return of the infamous news segment is on the horizon, and Warriors couldn’t be more excited.