Families Helping Families: Operation Feed Brings Student Ambassadors to Their Team


Caroline Edwards

Lending a helping hand: Operation Feed has extended their organization to include NAHS students serving as ambassadors. These Dubs are hard at work helping APS families in need.

“Families helping families.” This heartwarming and inspiring mission statement of one organization has helped provide relief to APS families all across the district. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many struggling families found that their problems intensified, especially those dealing with food insecurity. Amidst all of this chaos, one stand-out organization has set its sights on helping families across the APS district: Operation Feed.

One major issue faced by APS families as a result of the pandemic is food insecurity. As schools switched from in person to online, children were no longer able to access the free meals which had previously been provided to them by their schools. Operation Feed is an organization that was established in 2020 with the intent of fixing this problem. The organization started with serving E. Rivers Elementary School families who were struggling, but it has now grown so that the organization is able to provide for families in many schools within the district. Operation Feed leaders and volunteers work together to not only collect food but also to pack bags and boxes with food to be given to APS families. As Operation Feed has grown, a program within the organization was created called the Operation Feed Ambassadors Program.

The Operation Feed Ambassadors Program involves a team of North Atlanta students who will not only work as volunteers for the organization but will also take on leadership positions within the organization. To kick off this incredible program, organization leaders released an application for NAHS students where they had the opportunity to answer a few questions to explain why they wanted to be a part of the Ambassadors Program. Will Langley is a junior who applied and earned his position as a Student Ambassador. “Being able to put myself to work by packaging meals for those in need gives me a feeling of connection that I find really special,” Langley said. 

With almost 80 applications sent in, the selection process was rigorous, and a final number of 18 applicants were selected to be Operation Feed Ambassadors. Each student ambassador is paired up with a board member to learn more about how a corporation is run. Student ambassadors will fill roles such as marketing, social media, graphic design, inventory management, fundraising, and finance. Brianna Summers is a leader of the organization and works with NAHS students. “We believe our awesome NAHS Ambassadors can make us even more successful while also continuing to grow themselves in all of the IB aspects,” Summers said.

The Operation Feed Ambassadors Program is a great opportunity for the Dubs to step up and help families in need. For any Dubs scouting an opportunity to step up and earn some service hours, Operation Feed is calling your name.