From NAHS to DAS: Dubs Prosper While Working at DAS BBQ


Ryan Hohenstein

NAHS to DAS: Junior Gage Harbolt is ready for the job.

Every High Schooler dreams of having the freedoms that are associated with growing up and becoming an adult. The harsh reality, however, is that growing up also means being forced to make your own money and having to work towards ultimately become financially free. Beginning this process can be a struggle for many high school students. Only being able to work limited hours, and having little skill to offer, getting a job that pays more than minimum wage but still offers flexible hours to high schoolers is extremely difficult. These circumstances around employment are one reason that a certain BBQ restaurant in town is regarded so highly by working Dubs. It has given many NAHS students the opportunity to have a well paying job that requires little skill, while still offering special benefits. Its name? DAS BBQ. 

With the minimum wage in Georgia being $7.25 an hour, most high schoolers expect to make that $7.25 or marginally higher, and in most cases, they do. This is not the case at Das BBQ, however, who offers their employees over double the minimum wage at 15$ an hour. For many of their workers who have previously experienced getting paid poorly, this 15$ an hour is extremely important to them and a big part of their motivation. “Previously working at Publix where I made just under $10, the $15 an hour makes a big difference.” said junior Gage Harbolt. “It allows for me to make more money and gets me closer to financial freedom that I have long wished for.”

Another major barrier for many high schoolers to have successful part time jobs is their busy schedules. This is especially true for athletes and students that take high level classes, but still need a source of income. Between mounds of homework, and practice on a daily basis, it can often be hard to find a job that can accommodate a packed schedule. Thankfully for junior varsity football player and IB student Randolph Smith, he found DAS. “Between football practice everyday of the week, coupled with the immense amount of homework I come home to, it would be really hard for me to work at a normal business.” said Randolph. ”Thankfully DAS accommodates my busy schedule and allows for me to work in the free time that I do have.”

While good pay and flexible scheduling are considered some of the signature benefits of working at DAS, some of their employees would tell you getting to eat their food is the best benefit. Well known in Atlanta for having the best brisket in town, the DAS menu also features fall off the bone ribs, tender pulled pork, and countless sides, making the shift meal a highlight to every employee’s day on the job. “Long before I ever worked at DAS I would always go to get BBQ with my family,” said junior Chris Diefenbach. “Now working at DAS I get to eat my favorite meal (brisket and mac and cheese) everyday!” 

In the eyes of the ordinary person, all DAS has done is hire a group of high school schoolers, but for these teenagers, they’ve done so much more. DAS has given them a unique opportunity to work a part time job in high school that helps them build for their future while still affording them the flexibility to prosper in other areas of their busy lives. Not to mention, they get to eat like royalty. When it comes to these working Dubs, they are ever grateful for DAS Barbecue.