Dedicated Dub: Senior Amber Jamison Prepares for a Promising Future


Se'Lah Robinson

Hard at Work: Senior Amber Jamison’s busy schedule prepares her for a bright future.

She has a 4.0 GPA. She has two jobs. She plays three sports. She is in three extracurriculars. She is the Senior Vice President. It is a bird. It is a plane? Nope, it’s senior Amber Jamison. A respected student by day, and key player (in so many things) by night, Jamison is what we call a perfect role model.

Born in Manhattan, New York, this wonderful Warrior moved to Atlanta when she was eight years old. Attending Morris Brandon Elementary School in her younger days, Jamison is no stranger to APS, and she is well connected with her peers and her community. Community service covers a decent portion of her outside life, where she works with kids at Code Ninja and serves locals at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Cream. The school bell ringing at 3:45 doesn’t mean too much to her, as she is an active member in the school’s community as well. She is currently a member in a wide variety of clubs, including Robotics, the Black Student Union, the Student Government Association, and the National Honors Society. In the future, Jamison plans on majoring in Computer Science in college and pursuing a career in computer engineering. Out of all of her extracurricular activities, she has claimed FBLA as her favorite. “She started off as a timid girl, but after presenting at one of our Business Tech competitions, she only became more and more hardworking,” said FBLA advisor Lorraine Bowen.

Since her youth, gymnastics and competitive cheer have been both her forte and her favorite hobby. Once a part of the renowned Stingray Cheer Team, flipping and tumbling have gifted her a pile of medals and trophies. Years of passion and experience aided in her current role of ‘Team Captain’ for North Atlanta’s Competitive Cheer team. Wait, there is more. Jamison is also a key part of the school’s track team, being one of the team captains for the 2020-21 season. “She is a very hard worker, she is timely everyday, and she knows how to get her team together,” said Track and Field Head Coach Bryce Doe. “What more can you ask for?”

We can all agree that these four years of high school go by faster than the blink of an eye. A freshman one day, and now a senior in a cap and gown the next, Jamison encourages underclassmen to stay focused and hopeful. “What I love most about North Atlanta is the inclusive and responsive environment,” said Jamison. “I loved just being here and being able to lead and be with such good people.”

North Atlanta always encourages high levels of engagement and dedication to the school, and Amber Jamison has done just that. A natural-born student leader, all Warriors have been blessed to be in the presence of a pupil that shines so bright. May it be at Georgia Tech or North Carolina A&T, it is likely that this delightful Dub will continue to soar.