Hear it For Spirit: North Atlanta Homecoming Returns Stronger Than Ever  


Madison Lawson

Casual Tuesday: Each day of 2021 Homecoming at North Atlanta featured a different theme and members of the Warrior Wire staff were all in for PJ day, the day that kicked off the fun week. . .

Each fall the North Atlanta Student Government Association (SGA) prides itself on making sure it plans the best Homecoming spirit week for the student body. Last year proved itself to be a difficult challenge to plan events when everything was virtual and students decided to put Homecoming on pause until they returned to the building. “As a freshman and a sophomore I enjoyed the themed days that the SGA put on and I wanted to ensure I was able to plan something that would be fun for everyone and serve as a reminder of how much we looked forward to Homecoming prior to COVID,” said senior and SGA President Kaylee Bryant.

Speaking of seniors there are a lot of mixed emotions around Homecoming in more ways than in years past. Specifically, more students have a nonchalant attitude given that the dance has been canceled and that was what most of the seniors were looking forward to since there was not a dance last year and this is their final year here in this 11-story palace they will soon be calling their alma mater. “I’m bummed we don’t have a dance because I was actually going to go for once, but at least now I don’t have to worry about finding something to wear so it’s fine with me,” senior Gaines Wood.

As for the Class of 2023, the juniors are disappointed that there is no dance but are excited to participate in the theme days. “Pajama day will always be my favorite since that’s all I practically lived in last year while we wear virtual. But I can’t wait to dress up for the 80’s theme,” said junior Kameron Smith. 

The sophomores are of two minds where homecoming is concerned. There’s excitement about something different but also the reality that this year has been one of tempered expectations. “I wish there was a dance since this is my first full year at the school so I would have wanted to attend, but I’m chilling either way, there will always be next year,” said sophomore Jesean Wilson, a member of the Dubs football team. 

Lastly, but certainly not the least — well when it comes to height they might be a tad shorter — the new freshman in the building were a little shy at sharing how they feel about Homecoming. However, when it comes to football they are pumped! The girls are ready to show off their skills for the big Powderpuff game and the boys are ready to rock and roll for the Homecoming football game against Dunwoody Highschool. (Everyone make sure you come out and show your support.) “I don’t really care about all the fanfare around Homecoming, I’m just ready for the big game,” said varsity football player Luca Fanelli. 

While, yes, there is a more diverse range of emotions this year around Homecoming one thing is for certain, for those students who cherish Homecoming week, they will make sure they both live and dress up to the fullest.  So nice to see that school spirit is back in season, GO DUBS!!