Madness at Midtown: Football Season Is Canceled This Year


Rollins Hamrick

Raincheck on Rivalry: Senior Elliot Moody is disappointed that Midtown has decided to cancel their football season this year. Dubs throughout the building will sadly miss out on the most awaited game of the fall.

Every year the Dubs prepare for one of the most anticipated football games of the season: the North Atlanta versus Midtown High School (formerly known as Grady) annual rival football game. Tension and suspense build throughout the exuberant student sections as students wait to see who will take home this critical win. Unfortunately this year, this is not a thrill the Dubs will get to experience as Midtown High School has decided to cancel their football season for the time being. Many are shocked and confused wondering how this large decision came about and the impact it had on students at both schools. 

Midtown High School’s football team has been forced to contend with some unfortunate circumstances that are not in their favor, to say the least. Their football team had neither seniors nor juniors this season, leaving them with only underclassmen to play against the stronger and more experienced upperclassmen players on other teams. After losing their first game 0-67, they decided it was in their best interest to withdraw from the season. 

The Dubs were sorry to hear this news, especially the football players as the game they play against them is usually one of the most exciting and enjoyable games of the season. While at most games immense school spirit is shown, this game, in particular, was recognized for always having a notably zealous and supportive crowd. “I was very sad to hear that Midtown was canceling their football season,” said senior football player Taft Meredith. “That was always one of my favorite games because of how encouraging the crowd was.” 

One of the best parts of the year is football season. It is hard to imagine life at North Atlanta without it. Unfortunately for students at Midtown, this is a hard reality they have to face this year. It seems as though the students there are not happy about it either. “When I found out Midtown was canceling their football season this year I was so disappointed,” said Midtown senior Isabella Madrid “I always loved football season and I am so upset I don’t get to have my last one” 

We can empathize with Midtown as we know it would be hard to lose our football season but also mourn the missed opportunity to beat them for the fifth year in a row. Hopefully, the Dubs will have the opportunity to continue with their winning streak next year, but for now, we can focus on taking home other wins and maybe, if we are feeling courteous enough, make some room for Midtown students in our stands.