Meet the Dubs’ New Transfer Quarterback: Trey Lennon 


Mady Mertens

Dual Threat: Warrior quarterback Trey Lennon shows off his playmaking ability with a stiff-arm. He’s been at the heart of the team’s strong unbeaten showing early in the 2022 campaign.

The Dubs are off to a red hot 3-0 start this season, and it would not be possible without new stellar transfer quarterback, Trey Lennon. Throughout the first three games, the Junior QB has displayed his dual threat ability, which has helped propel the Dubs to their offensive successes so far. With a win in game one and a player of the game award during the Dubs’ second game, it is clear that number two in the black and silver is already making his presence known on the field. Being the underdog in their first two games, it seems the sky’s the limit heading into the rest of the season. 

The Dubs signal caller has made his transfer adjustment look quite easy so far. Lennon originally attended Carver High School, but transferred to North Atlanta due to living situations. Additionally, Coach James Aull and the rest of the Dubs coaching staff made North Atlanta a desirable destination for him. Although Lennon has made his athletic transition look effortless, it can be extremely challenging, especially for a quarterback. It is essential that quarterbacks develop great chemistry with their teammates, as communication is such an important aspect of being a successful team offensively. Developing a bond with his teammates, however, is not the only obstacle number two had to face. He also had to jump head first into a completely new offense that he had no previous experience with. Luckily for Lennon, he had already been in situations where he had to learn offenses quickly. Although he was familiar with learning on the fly, it still took him some time to settle in with the team and the system. “I just studied a lot and developed a good bond with my teammates. It took some time, but we are family now,” said Lennon. 

Lennon plans to bring a new dynamic to North Atlanta with his unique dual threat ability. With his left-handed delivery and his blazing speed, Lennon brings great diversity to the offense. His special skill set keeps defenses guessing because not only can he affect the game with his arm, but also with his feet. His offensive skills are not the only thing that make him such a rare breed. Number two also brings great leadership to the team, and it is already rubbing off on the mighty Warriors. Senior football player Dean Burden said, “Since day one Trey has been one of the best leaders I have played with. He is a great teammate and all of that translates to his play on the field. He just makes everyone better.” 

Lennon is quite a talented football player, but he is a compelling young man off the field as well. When he is not going to work on the gridiron, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and training. Lennon also loves to stay home and get valuable rest. He likes to entertain himself through anime. Some of Lennon’s favorite tunes come from fellow Atlanta artists Young Thug, Rae Rae, Djayg, and Lil Zae. During his leisure time, he expands his football knowledge through watching films of all time greats like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. However, his biggest inspirations from the signal caller position are other dual threat players like himself. “My biggest inspirations are Michael Vick and Cam Newton but I love to watch Peyton Manning and Tom Brady because of their mastery of the game and their ability to lead their teams to wins,” Lennon said. 

With the long range of exceptional qualities and capabilities that number two for the Dubs brings to the table, he plans to turn those things into great team success. Lennon said “My goal is to win state and win our region. I feel like we are underrated. A lot of the teams that thought they were better than us aren’t, and I am ready to keep proving the doubters wrong.” 

Trey Lennon has had a tremendous impact on the Dub’s season so far as he has made his first marks in the black and silver. He looks to sustain his early season success for the remainder of the season and to keep proving his doubters wrong. With Lennon at the reins, the future of Dubs Football looks to be bright.