North Star Is Back: Support the Dubs Talented Students


Hugh Breeden

Gifted Warriors: North Atlanta junior Juliet Joyce prepares for the highly anticipated North Star showcase.

North Atlanta is filled with superbly talented students in all facets of the word. Yet, unless students want to break out in song in front of their math class, or start breakdancing in the middle of the hallway, they need a different outlet to showcase their skills. That is where the North Atlanta talent show, North Star, comes in. The talent show is a great opportunity for the students of North Atlanta to showcase their hidden talents to the rest of the student body, and it all returns this September on the 23rd.

Obviously North Star did not happen last year due to COVID-19, but it was even in jeopardy of not happening again this school year because of the jam-packed drama schedule. Luckily for North Atlanta students, some of the school’s tech department took up the duty to run the talent show, with the help of Ms. Lemaster. “After stopping a lot of our yearly drama shows, it seemed like North Star would not happen this year,” said one of the directors of the show, Camille Evans. “So, a few others and I decided to run the show and be the directors, making sure that students would be able to showcase their talents.”

Many of the students around the school are excited to see the show. The talent show is where students are able to see their peers do things that they do not typically do in the classroom. For instance, singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument are just some examples of the things that North Atlanta students do at North Star. In learning about the talents of other students, Warriors are able to understand just how talented their fellow classmates are. “I am glad the focus is not just on sports,” said junior Wyly Wickland. “A lot of times it seems like that is all that we see at North Atlanta, so I am excited to see what hidden talents that students here have.”

North Star is open to all grades, meaning students will most likely see someone they know. As a result, they could learn something new about them, or even experience first hand how great they really are. Consisting of roughly 20 to 25 acts, the show is a great time for all students, and a place where they can support their peers. Who knows, maybe students will see the next internet sensation!