Genesis Strother: Dressing for Success


Maddox Wade

Fashion Forward: Sophomore Genesis Strother has created a clothing brand, dedicating her time to fulfill her design dreams.

Most Dubs spend their high school careers working hard to get into their dream colleges and think about their life after high school, but for sophomore Genesis Strother, college was too long to wait. Strother boasts ownership of a clothing and youth empowerment brand called “You Can Fit Out 2, LLC.”

The mission statement of the brand is just as said in the name, to “fit out.” Strother’s aim is to encourage students to be themselves, to fit out instead of in. High school can be a suffocating environment when it comes to preserving individuality, and she draws inspiration from her faith to encourage kids to not be embarrassed and embrace themselves. “The older I get the less cool it becomes to be yourself,” said Strother. “Being the good kid is looked down upon and I wanted to help students to not feel the pressure that I did to conform.”

Anyone that knows Strother recognizes her impeccable style and inspiring work ethic. These attributes make a perfect segue to her roles of apparel design, website design, marketing, and just about anything else you can think of. The company was born when Strother was in seventh grade. Her mother had laid the foundation and began handing over duties to her after recognizing her tech-savvy skills. Strother nailed her new duties and was subsequently allowed more and more responsibility, acing every new challenge. “I was so excited to work with my mom on something we’re so passionate about,” said Strother. “It was nice to see my mom in a professional light. Usually, she’s upbeat and silly, so I love getting to know her business side and grow into mine as well.”

Any Dub knows how challenging high school can be. Balancing AP classes, jobs, and extracurriculars already seem impossible, adding a business to the mix are waters that few would dare tread. Lucky for Strother, her mother is very understanding and delegates the week’s work according to her schedule. “It’s like juggling, I have so many balls to keep up at once and only two hands,” said Strother.

Overachiever doesn’t begin to encompass Strother’s capabilities as a sophomore. This Dub is worth watching out for, she’s shooting for the stars and odds are she won’t miss.