Curlese Benson: New NAHS Beginnings for a Beloved Journalism Icon


Cause for Celebration: Curlese Benson makes a first-year appearance as a journalism and literature teacher at NAHS, teaching younger Dubs and reuniting with students originally inspired by the educator in middle school.

“Did you hear? Ms. Benson is coming to NAHS!” To the devoted journalism Dubs, these words were a cause for celebration. The beloved former Sutton Middle School Journalism and Literature teacher has arrived in the building for her first year teaching NAHS students, circling back to the kids she inspired to begin on the pathway years back. 

Benson began her career in education as a high school economics and English teacher before testing the teaching waters in middle school journalism and literature. For junior and senior Dubs, memories of her journalism class periods are not easy to forget. There’s a high probability that talking to a former Sutton student about their journalism career would branch into an “I love Ms. Benson” manifesto. “I had a total blast in her journalism class back in middle school, and she definitely sparked my love for writing,” said Junior Caroline Feagin. “She’s the kind of teacher that people look back on in 10 years and remember exactly what kind of impact they had.”

If you don’t remember Benson for her journalistic teaching flair, you may recall her pivotal role as a faculty yearbook advisor, or as a dedicated boys’ track coach and cheer coach. The hands-on educator loves to stay busy and fills her time in and out of school with student and education-focused endeavors. “When I wasn’t pushing out the yearbook deadlines or managing my excitable journalism classes, I liked to delegate time back to the kids and to the school,” said Benson. 

Just when you thought the multi-faceted and uber-talented journalism teacher couldn’t get any more dynamic, she throws another curveball. Within the past few years, Benson has been strategizing and developing a real estate group and has recently become a licensed Georgia Real Estate Agent. Bensons credits her background in education for developing the skills needed to interact with clients which model the professionalism and personality that she carries back into her classroom. “I’m able to devote time on weekends and evenings to building my brand and utilizing my influence in education to inform people on the home buying process,” said Benson. “It’s really a pivotal point in my educational career.”

The hardworking teacher is not planning on slowing down anytime soon despite her impressive array of achievements and endless support from past and present students. When she isn’t teaching Journalism 2-4 at NAHS, she is leading tenth-grade literature classes. Unlike older Dubs, these kids are experiencing her charm for the very first time. Although their introduction was recent, it is to no one’s surprise that her tenth-grade classes are quickly forming a Ms. Benson fan club. “We really appreciate how Ms. Benson can naturally connect with us,” said Sophomore Chase Hankin. “She’s not a passive teacher, and she takes the time each class to engage with students and push us to work with purpose.” 

Whether she’s selling homes or inspiring the next generation of journalists, superstar educator Benson knows how to align students and clients alike with a vision of success. Her former students love her for her motivational mantras, while the younger Dubs appreciate her kindness and ability to empathize with their writing. Whether she is a former inspiration or a new incitor of excellence, all English-oriented Dubs can agree that Ms. Benson is an educator to remember.