Powderpuff Recap: How Did Your Favorite Grade Fare?


Mady Mertens

Back in Action: The return of Powderpuff was highly anticipated this year. Seniors Maya Curnow, Maddie Rogers, Margaux Wade, Avery Horton, and Christa Schultz get pumped for their last Powderpuff.

Powderpuff is back! The return of this glorious North Atlanta tradition threw the Dubs into a flag football frenzy as they prepared to face off and compete for the ultimate Powderpuff prize… bragging rights! Let’s take a look at how it all went down. 

The freshman made their Powderpuff debut this year, and though they might not have won it all, they definitely get an A+ for effort. While the freshmen may be disappointed in their loss, they really should just be grateful to have experienced the magical, amazing, adrenaline filled fun that is Powderpuff. Be patient, my dear freshmen, your time to get the dub will come.

All hail the victors of powderpuff! They’ve got the speed, they’ve got the athleticism, they’ve got the Dubs spirit, and they’ve got the win! Sophomores came out guns blazing this year for their first ever Powderpuff appearance. Their driven game play, supportive team spirit, and dripped out coaches carried them to a 6-0 win against the freshman in their first game and a 13-7 victory over the seniors in the championship game. “Winning Powderpuff this year was such a great feeling,” said sophomore Maggie Andreski. “It was so awesome for us to all be able to celebrate together and it was nice to see our hard work pay off.”

The juniors looked… not great at the Powderpuff games this year. Having yet to pull out a win in their two years of playing, maybe Powderpuff isn’t the junior girl’s forte? Nonsense! There’s nothing the juniors can’t do— well, except score a touchdown. The juniors faced a tough loss as they once again faced the rivaling senior class, with a final score of 0-6. Following the physical, no, violent face off between the class of ‘22 and ‘23 in 2019, the juniors should honestly just be thankful that everyone walked out of that game with all of their limbs (but maybe not their egos) still intact. “We definitely didn’t perform as well as we hoped,” said junior Emily Creavens. “But I think we can all agree that next year we are gonna put the work in to get the dub.”

The seniors made their final Powderpuff appearance this year, and they definitely went out with a bang. Decked out with body paint reading “I BITE” and “EAT TURF,” the seniors definitely won the intimidation award this year. The seniors came out strong with a 6-0 win against the juniors in their first game but unfortunately were unable to pull out a win in the finals. Though the seniors might not have won it all this year, the class of ‘22 have definitely left their mark on Powderpuff history. “Powderpuff has been such a memorable part of my high school experience and I’m going to miss it so much,” said senior Josie Bird.

Phew! We made it through Powderpuff with no broken collar bones, no torn ACLs, and no fistfights. The countdown to next year is on, better start practicing Warriors!