Delta Variant Taking Flight: Vaccination Rates Continue to Lag


Alexis Lubow

Cause for Concern: The Delta variant continues to spread rapidly, yet thousands of members of the APS district are unvaccinated. Fortunately, North Atlanta is proactively trying to supply vaccines to students and staff in the building to combat the virus.

Vaccinations: None of us are eager to read that word, as we have all been in exile for what seems like eons because of the cursed COVID-19 that has completely dominated our lives. Ironically, this is what makes the vaccine so vital. Statistically, the numbers show that around 80 percent of Atlanta Public Schools staff are vaccinated, but that leaves roughly 1,200 of the staff unvaccinated. With the Delta variant on the rise, vaccinations among the APS populace are critical in the fight against the virus.

Infection rates of COVID-19 are directly comparable to a domino effect, knocking one unvaccinated person down after another. As the Pfizer generation rises, the Gen-Zers have a lot to say. “When one person doesn’t get the vaccine in order to ‘protect themselves’, it acts like a chain reaction, and many people can end up infected. It’s incredibly selfish,” said sophomore Maggie Andreski.

Fortunately, North Atlanta is proactively attempting to vaccinate students and staff, urging students to take full advantage of the free and convenient vaccinations in the building’s lobby. With a simple permission slip, students are completely eligible for vaccination. North Atlanta Principal Curtis Douglas said he respects each family’s personal choices, but he emphasized that science supports getting the shot. “I do believe in the science that says vaccinations help combat the virus,” Douglass said. “People should be conscious of whatever decision they make and understand that they should follow the recommended protocols to keep themselves and others around them safe during this time.” 

A significant majority of people that are currently hospitalized for COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Consequently, a majority of North Atlanta students are of the mind that students need to get vaccinated. “I believe that everyone should be vaccinated,” said senior Sage Lover. “It shouldn’t even be a question. The thought of disobeying scientific advice doesn’t make any sense. I just want to go to school and see people face-to-face safely.”

The greater good of students and staff is the predominant concern given the current vaccination rates, yet the debate between right and wrong rages on, and the line between black and white remains grey. Still, students and staff hold out hope that the near future will bring upon peace and health for the North Atlanta community.