Warriors Wake Up: The Tiring Reality of a School Morning


Jill Yoder

Moody Mornings: Warrior sophomore Kate Tully subconsciously hits the snooze button on her morning alarm, like many Dubs tend to do.

*Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.* “Wake up honey!” Whether it is the dreaded sound of your alarm clock, the overly cheerful voice of your parents, or the sun through the window that wakes you up from your slumber, most students can agree that getting out of bed may in fact be the worst part of the day. Up and at ‘em Warriors, it is time to get ready for school!

For some, getting ready is a simple process. For others, however, even getting themselves out of bed is a struggle. The school day officially starts at 8:45 A.M., but some Warriors will wake up as early as six in the morning to start their day. A finite amount of ‘cheerful’ students hop right out of bed, while some completely disregard the job of their alarm clock. Sophomore Carter Rose said, “Normally I wake up around 7 A.M., but I always set my alarm for 6:30 and then snooze it at least twice before getting up.”

Morning people are lucky – imagine having that much energy as soon as you wake up!? Of course, mornings are anything but a blessing for those who would rather sit in the quiet that the early hours provide and loathe the world for the first hour of their day. Then there is the prospect of having to go to school for seven hours, which certainly doesn’t help boost a mood. Sophomore Cameron Artis described his morning disposition as a “don’t talk to me” mood. “It takes me a while to actually wake up, even when I’m technically already awake,” Artis said.

Time to fuel your body! Though breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, it seems a lot of high school students never learned that particular lesson. Although many students try to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to school, some students simply do not have the time. “I never eat breakfast,” said Rose. “There is just no good breakfast foods that I can make that quickly.”

Many North Atlanta students feel relieved that they do not have to put on uncomfortable uniforms every day. For these Warriors, their fashion sense functions as a way to show off their creativity and their personality. For others, however, they are of the opinion that it is a hassle to pick out an outfit on a daily basis. Sometimes, it may just be easier to be told what to wear. But no matter what you are going for, most students put at least a little thought into the clothes they throw on before heading out the door. Sophomore Yvanka Joyce said that getting dressed and picking out her outfit is definitely the longest task in her morning routine. “It shouldn’t even take me that long,” she said. “I am just so slow in the morning!”

Whether it took you an hour to get ready or just fifteen minutes, it is time to grab your things and head out the door. Run to catch the bus, yell at your mom to get in the car, or go grab your keys. We’re off Dubs!