North Atlanta’s Dress Code: To Be or Not To Be


Bella Rocchio

Dress Code Disgust: Freshmen Grady Wilkes and Mariyah Cherry are some of the many with a hatred toward North Atlanta’s – apparent – dress code policy.

Head, shoulders, knees, and….toes? Dress codes are known to be quite controversial when it comes to public school, as it is the type of schooling where kids should be more free to express themselves. The dress code mainly states that students should not wear hats, no shoulders should be seen, and your skirts or shorts can not be any shorter than three inches above the knee. However, in recent years, teens have been using their clothing and their fashion as a way to express themselves, completely disregarding the limitations established by the dress code.

Around the school, you hear of this dress code existing. But by looking at the students, is there really one? Well, to answer that question, yes there is. Despite how it looks, students have actually been getting dress-coded here at North Atlanta. With the way it is being handled, though, students have been questioning the need for one in the first place. Freshman Mariyah Cherry had her own insight into the school’s dress code. “They say it is being gender neutral, but in reality, I have seen girls get dress coded for the littlest things and boys who break it and don’t at all.” said Cherry. 

The dress code can often feel too restricting towards the teens who just want to freely enjoy their life and figure out who they are before they reach adulthood. At North Atlanta, most students do not see the need for a dress code, while others do, but think that there needs to be some revision. Freshman Grady Wilkes agreed with Cherry’s sentiments on the dress code, and how there is little wiggle room. “I agree with Mariyah that the dress code is a bit too restricting, especially with clothes like ripped jeans,” said Wilkes. “It makes no sense and it can be really annoying sometimes.” 

The school has been very thorough in that we do have a dress code, despite the fact that you can see students all across the building throwing those guidelines out of the window. In a school year full of questions, the reality of the dress code is one more that needs to be answered.