Crown Her: This Year’s Homecoming Queen is Miss Mady Mertens!


Libby Carroll

The Highest Honor: Mady Mertens’ hard work and dedication to her community has paid off, as she was announced as Miss North Atlanta!

“And now presenting Miss North Atlanta… Mady Mertens!” A time of school spirit and celebration, Homecoming at North Atlanta has always been a blast. Although this year may not have included our annual homecoming dance, the homecoming court was as popular as ever. Homecoming Queen, also known as ‘Miss North Atlanta,’ is the highest honor of high school royalty. And who better to fit the role than our beloved Mady Mertens! 

Mertens is a senior student and devoted Warrior. Growing up in Atlanta, Mertens has gotten to know hundreds of faces and has discovered many passions over the years. She has devoted much of her teen years to her high school, being involved in a range of activities, including cross country team captain, JV tennis team captain, Student Christian Leaders Co-President, and many more. Her greatest accomplishment, however, is her position on the Georgia High School Association Advisory Council, representing Region 6A. “The mission of our organization is to improve high school sports in Georgia,” she said.  

Mertens is a girl of many talents, but her greatest passion – and the one many of her peers have come to know her for – is photography. Planning to major in sports marketing and photography in college (and with the dream of becoming a professional photographer for a sports team down the road), Mertens has spent her high school career on the sidelines of the football field, camera in hand. “My favorite part of being a Warrior is being on the field under the Friday night lights for football games,” she said. “I started taking pictures my sophomore year and I have been to every game since!”

At a school with nearly two thousand students, running for homecoming court is not a task to be taken lightly. When Mertens decided to run for Miss North Atlanta, she knew what was ahead of her. For Mertens, the process has included campaigning around the school, gaining support from her peers, and participating in the homecoming pageant. “I had never been in a pageant before and I had no clue what to expect,” she said. “But it actually ended up being a lot of fun.”

Standing on the side of the football field is a place Mertens has been familiar with for the past three years. This time was a little different however, standing side by side with her father, dressed in a spectacular gown, and nervously awaiting the results in front of a stadium filled with parents and students. As the last name to be announced, there was nothing but joy in her face as her name rang out across the field and her peers jumped to their feet. “It was unreal,” she said. “Having everyone cheer for me was incredible. I thought to myself – is this really happening?”

Well, it is Mady. Congratulations on Miss North Atlanta!