Heard it Through the Grapevine: Dubs Share Secret Campus Spots


Ella Kaufman

Heavenly Hideaways: Senior Anna Yoder has worked in the library since her freshman year, finding the quiet atmosphere and resources useful for studying.

Listen up, underclassmen: we have some campus hotspots to spoil. Veteran Dubs have walked the floors of NAHS for a couple of years now, and many are accustomed to the goings-on of the 11 stories and its surrounding beauty. Developed in 1991 as a result of a merger between North Fulton and Northside High Schools, the towering building sits in the former IBM headquarters and is surrounded by an idyllic turtle-inhabited pond. Dubs new to the building may be overwhelmed by the vast architectural excellence and seemingly endless staircases (understandably). Fortunately, those who have walked the floors and seen the grounds can provide valuable insight into the beloved NAHS campus.

Inside of the multistory school lies a gem “hidden” in plain sight: the 2nd-floor media center. This location is arguably one of the most valuable assets to students, yet its consistently quiet environment is testimony to its current lack of allure. The library is decked out with all the necessary technology, featuring computers, printers, space for studying, and valuable texts and books. Call for help, and the kind face of Media Specialist Ms. McCall will appear to help you with any of your academic needs. Senior Anna Yoder is a big fan of the library, advocating for its ambiance and resources. “I love the peace that it brings. It encourages me to study and work on college applications,” she said. 

If you happen to be a track or cross country star, you may have a comprehensive mind map of the North Atlanta Campus, but for new Dubs– not so much. It is important to note that NAHS has a friendly neighbor, the Trinity School, who shares with us entrances to and roads within the campus. Most students know of the front exit and entrance leading to the carpool and the athletic fields, but don’t forget about the second access to campus past the Trinity School, feeding into the parking deck and practice field. If you can navigate your way through the rolling hills of NAHS like a veteran Dub, you can do anything. “I’ve been running Cross Country around the school since freshman year, and I basically know the ins and outs of our roads like the back of my hand, ” said Junior Sarah Anne Hamilton.

If you are able to find your way up the eleven stories with ease and stay in your lane getting out of the parking deck each day, you are set up for success on campus. Whatever you do, just don’t let the upperclassmen convince you of the 11th story rooftop pool (does it really exist?). From private study corners to top-tier navigational tips, never underestimate the secret spots of the Dubs’ sprawling property. At the end of the day, we are all NAHS students just trying to find our way around, one campus secret at a time.